Spotlight on the Assessment and Feedback Toolkit (2)

In this week’s blog the spotlight is on the Formative Assessment section of the Assessment and Feedback Toolkit.


Formative assessment that is aligned with summative assessment tasks can support learning, in line with the BU commitment to assessment for learning,  and provides opportunities for students to:

  • make sense of assessment criteria
  • develop their assessment skills and knowledge
  • receive formative feedback that feeds into specific summative assessment tasks
  • gain confidence through engaging in ‘low stakes’ assessment scenarios.

This section of the Toolkit contains over 20 ideas for designing formative assessment tasks, a summary of 12 principles of good formative assessment and some strategies for student engagement in formative activities.

Two useful external resource sites are:- (Re-engineering assessment practices) Resources from a Scottish project to encourage the development of students’ abiltity to monitor, manage and self-direct their learning.  (Transforming the experiences of students through assessment). The website contains tools including the feedback guide for lecturers and nine ideas for feedback week.


Anne Quinney

Principal Lecturer, FLIE

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