Monthly Archives: September 2016

Learning together: your voices for widening participation

As part of BU’s innovative Fair Access Research project, we’ve been finding out how widening participation could be understood as a process of organisational learning. Over the summer we have been doing some fieldwork and collecting sector-wide survey data to establish how different people in different organisations learn about widening participation. We want to know how you, here at… Read more »

‘Students who bounce back’: Photo exhibition

From 12 September, the Centre for Excellence in Learning (CEL) is holding a photo exhibition in Poole House, next to the Cash Office. This exhibition is part of the ‘Students who bounce back’ project, a study funded by Bournemouth University’s Fair Access Agreement Management Group. The study is being conducted by researchers at CEL, in… Read more »

Student led co-creation projects: Call for applications

The Centre for Excellence in Learning is pleased to invite applications for its Student Led Co-creation Projects. The co-creation project funds student-led, collaborative projects delivering co-created outputs between an academic and a student. Whether that’s a paper, presentation or product, the output is important. Projects don’t have to form part of a particular unit of a curriculum and… Read more »

CEL Learning and Teaching Fellowships: Invitation for applications

The Centre for Excellence in Learning is pleased to invite applications for its Learning and Teaching Fellowships. The fellowships are for academics who are using BU’s fusion framework to deliver an excellent learning experience and want to do more. Successful applicants will receive £2000 and protected time to dedicate to pedagogic research, developing their innovative practice and sharing examples of best… Read more »

CEL Innovation Awards – invitation for application and briefing dates

The Centre for Excellence in Learning is pleased to invite applications for its Innovation Awards. These awards are for teams or individuals who have a creative idea for enhancing the student experience within their curriculum. Proposals should link to one of the following CEL themes: Technology enhanced learning; Employability, work based learning and professional practice; Assessment… Read more »

CEL welcomes Dr Sue Eccles

We are very pleased to announce that Dr Sue Eccles has transferred from the Faculty of Media and Communication to CEL.  Sue is a very experienced senior leader in pedagogy, education, development and research; her knowledge, skills and commitment to excellence in learning is a very positive addition to CEL. We are delighted that Sue… Read more »

Peer Assisted Learning Script Development Workshops

Philip Mathews reports on a project titled Peer Assisted Learning Script Development Workshops. The project which was supported by the Centre for Excellence in Learning’s Fusion Investment Fund aimed to establish a course wide approach to critical reading, reflection and peer to peer learning and support through developmental scriptwriting workshops. This peer to peer development workshop was intended to promote collaboration, student development,… Read more »

Peer Facilitated Learning: An evaluation of the student and academic experience of participating in reciprocal sharing of knowledge

Dr Susan Way and her team recently completed a project supported by the CEL Fusion Investment Fund. The aim of the project was to evaluate the experience of Peer Facilitated Learning (PFL) delivered through group presentations and engagement in discussion by second year student midwives. Understanding from academics regarding the assessment process and assisting in the… Read more »

Best paper award for CEL

Dr Debbie Holley and David Biggins presented a paper, co-authored with Dr Marketa Zezulkova and George Evangelinos, at the 3rd EAI International Conference on e-Learning e-Education and Online Training (eLEOT) in Dublin between 31st August and 2nd September 2016.  The paper was entitled Digital Competence and Capability Frameworks in the Context of Learning, Self-Development and… Read more »

Preparing myBU for the start of term

Preparing myBU for the start of term myBU is now ready for academics to prepare their 16/17 myBU units. Note that unit content will not be automatically rolled over from 15/16. The entire contents of a unit can be copied over in a few simple steps using the instructions below.   15/16 unit content will stay… Read more »