Preparing myBU for the start of term

Preparing myBU for the start of term

myBU is now ready for academics to prepare their 16/17 myBU units. Note that unit content will not be automatically rolled over from 15/16. The entire contents of a unit can be copied over in a few simple steps using the instructions below.   15/16 unit content will stay in the system for the whole of 16/17 to allow copying in a phased way, if required.


  • From mid-August – Friday 16 September, Academics will be preparing their units for the start of term, including copying content where appropriate.
  • Friday 9 September is the deadline to have initial content ready for continuation students, who will see content in their new units 14 days in advance of start of term (i.e. visible from 12 September  2016).
  • Friday 16 September is the deadline for initial content to be in place for new students in Induction Week (i.e. visible from 19 September 2016) .

 Available Support

The TEL Toolkit has key information on changes to myBU and how to copy unit content:

 If help is required, please log any queries or requests via the IT Service Desk (  or phone  01202 9 65515) and a Learning Technologist will get in touch.  Faculty Learning Technologists will also be running drop-in sessions on content copying in each Faculty.


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