Monthly Archives: September 2016

Selecting a new myBU

BU students and staff put shortlisted contenders for a new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) through their paces last week. VLEs are crucial in today’s learning environment and as BU’s current platform, myBU, is up for re-tender, it offers a fantastic opportunity to choose from the most modern and exciting learning platforms in the marketplace “Every… Read more »

Cross-Cultural Communication Conference 2017

Many apologies for cross posting but this may be of interest to some colleagues: Over the past few years the Faculty of Media and Communication has been working with Chulalongkorn University, Thailand’s top HEI. We are co-organising the Cross cultural Communication Conference to be hosted in Bangkok Jan 2017.  It would be great if a number… Read more »

High Impact Pedagogies

Anne Quinney, CEL Theme Leader, attended a one day event at Southampton University on 7th September for the launch of a new report ‘Engaged students learning; high impact pedagogies ‘ published by the Higher Education Academy (HEA). The report sets out the findings of a systematic review carried out by researchers at the University of… Read more »

Translating evidence into policy: LSE Research

Jo Ingold and Mark Monaghan at LSE have researched the complex relationship between evidence and policy development. The authors seek to move the conversation about evidence-based policymaking towards a more nuanced understand that sees policy development “as fluid, dynamic and continually re-constituting, rather than a linear or rational ‘transfer’ process”. What emerges from their research is an… Read more »

Viewing your units in myBU by academic year

At this time in the academic year, you can have many units listed in myBU and it can be more difficult to find the unit you are looking for. It is very easy to display your units in blocks by academic years as in this example: It takes 10 seconds to do this.  To learn… Read more »

New for 2016/17, the Global Talent Programme (GTP)

The GTP is about helping students to develop and evidence the attributes they need to succeed in today’s global workplace. ‌‌The GTP brings together BU’s central extra-curricular employability offer under one banner subsuming the Student Development Award and Post-Graduate Development Award. On this page you will find out a bit more about the programme, what… Read more »

Defining what makes a successful online learner

“I don’t label myself ‘online learner’. I’m a learner (always!), who happens to make use of online resources.” It’s now a safe assumption that there will be an online element to a student’s learning experience and most institutions are expanding their online learning in reaction to this. With an ever increasing pressure to measure and… Read more »

Schedule of CEL’s ‘iInnovate’ workshops in semester 1

With a new building and a new semester, it is a great opportunity to reflect on our teaching practice. CEL is supporting staff across the university to ‘try something different‘ this year to enhance their teaching and professional practice.  One of the initiatives within this campaign is a BU-wide scheme called ‘iInnovate‘ where academic staff… Read more »

The virtual classroom trial

For the last few weeks we have be trialling a virtual classroom environment which uses software provided by Blackboard.  The application is called Collaborate. Collaborate allows you to create virtual, online spaces to which you can invite up to 100 students and colleagues and share video, audio, documents (PDFs, images and PowerPoints) and a whiteboard. … Read more »

MyBU deadlines in September – academic staff please note

Preparing myBU for the start of term myBU is now ready for academics to prepare their 16/17 myBU units. Note that unit content will not be automatically rolled over from 15/16. The entire contents of a unit can be copied over in a few simple steps using the instructions below.   15/16 unit content will stay… Read more »