Project: The co-creation of unit assessments based on the principles of ‘backward design’

by Richard Wallis & Ashley Woodfall (joint-PIs) In this exploratory workshop, students and staff from three faculties are coming together to explore innovative approaches to assessment based upon the principles of ‘backward design’ and co-creation. The unexpected mid-semester departure from the University of one of our original Faculty partners proved to be only a temporary… Read more »

New CEL Innovation Awards Funded Projects

We were delighted to receive so many high quality bids, congratulations to successful proposals: James Gavin Kelly Goodwin Sarah Muir Peter Phillips Ashley Woodfall & Richard Wallis The bids were assessed by an internal panel. Unsuccessful applicants have received feedback on their applications. Staff interested in developing ideas for the next CEL Innovation Awards cycle… Read more »

Start of year AV glitch? – emergency number for first few weeks x61010

======Colleagues, please see below the very helpful information from IT services======= For the start of the last Academic year the Service Desk provided an emergency number for use by Academics in the event of experiencing difficulties in use of the AV equipment. This was as a result of the AV Refresh which saw a considerable… Read more »

Co-creation projects at BU: competitive funding round with high-quality proposals

This Wednesday 6 January, the CEL Co-creation Review Panel met to assess the proposals submitted by undergraduate students for £500 funding towards a project of their choice, to be completed in collaboration with a BU academic. We were delighted to receive a high number of proposals with excellent quality, which evinces the initiative of our… Read more »

12 Days of Library and Learning Support Roundup

In the first twelve (working) days of December, CEL hosted a campaign to promote the Library and Learning Support available at BU. This initiative, which we disseminated on Twitter with #12DaysOfLLS, was produced by our colleagues at BU Library, and had the aim of spreading the word about the wealth of services, resources and support… Read more »

Workshop for course teams: Your students – effective communication strategies for positive course management

Workshop: BU staff invited – Friday 11th December 10:00/1.00 Talbot Your students – effective communication strategies for positive course management! Course organisation and management has a significant impact on student experience, so how and when we communicate with students is really important. This joint CEL and M&C session will examine some of the most effective… Read more »

Lego Serious Play

Dr Tim Gale, Senior Lecturer in Tourism Management Head of Education and Professional Practice, Department of Tourism and Hospitality Faculty of Management,tells us below about Lego Serious Play: For some time now I have been using Lego Serious Play to facilitate discussion in class (sparingly, as you can have too much of a good thing),… Read more »

CEL Fusion Investment Funding Bids – the results!

We were delighted to receive so many high quality bids, congratulations to successful individuals/teams: Milena Bobeva (FoM) International students guide to assessment and feedback methods, procedures and practice Erika Borkoles (FoM) The development of a co-creational vodcast toolkit to explain psychological theories and their application to real life problems Philip Mathews (FMC) Peer Assisted Scriptwriting… Read more »

Putting something in the middle: an image mediated dialogue approach

I am writing this blog ahead of an event I am facilitating this week to explore methods of encouraging dialogue and getting feedback. Members of the CEL steering group will recall that I have used this method before and will be familiar with my set of postcards and being asked to select an image and… Read more »

Warm invitation to Women’s Academic Network (WAN) event

Women’s academic careers and motherhood Mutually exclusive? Mutually compatible? Lunchtime speaker panel discussion with refreshments Friday 20 November 12:00-14:00 TAG 22 We very much hope to see many of our WAN colleagues there – and being a family friendly outfit, please feel free to bring children or other relatives too if you are on care duties at that time…. Read more »