Workshop for course teams: Your students – effective communication strategies for positive course management

Workshop: BU staff invited – Friday 11th December 10:00/1.00 Talbot

Your students – effective communication strategies for positive course management!

Course organisation and management has a significant impact on student experience, so how and when we communicate with students is really important. This joint CEL and M&C session will examine some of the most effective ways to make sure your students have the information they need when they need it.

Speakers from the Centre for Excellence in Learning, the Marketing & Communications team and the academic community will discuss key factors in the debate, including:

  • Why good communication makes a difference to student experience;
  • The current communications environment;
  • Different channels you can use, including myBU, social media and SMS.

There will be break-out sessions for you to plan and prepare your course communications using these channels.

The event is now live on the Staff Intranet and people can book by clicking the link and filling in the info:



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