Putting something in the middle: an image mediated dialogue approach


I am writing this blog ahead of an event I am facilitating this week to explore methods of encouraging dialogue and getting feedback. Members of the CEL steering group will recall that I have used this method before and will be familiar with my set of postcards and being asked to select an image and talk about the image in small groups.

I am now learning more about mediated dialogue – where it can be used and how effective it could be for evaluating experiences – teaching evaluation, workshops and exploring the impact of organisational change and just about anything were we want to encourage effective dialogue.

This article is really interesting and gave me a lot to think about in developing my understanding of dialogue, conversation and shared meaning:-

Putting something in the middle: An approach to dialogue (PDF Download Available)

Take a look and if this is something you have some expertise in please do get in touch, I would love learn more over coffee and we can perhaps work together to design a CEL seminar to share with colleagues.

best wishes Suzanne

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