BU accredited again for its Breastfeeding Education

The Centre for Midwifery, Maternal & Perinatal Health in the Faculty of Health & Social Sciences has for the third time running been given the accreditation of being Baby Friendly for its midwifery education.  The team from UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative (BFI) came to BU to assess our Midwifery programmes . We scored very highly between… Read more »

CELebrate 2017: Embedding industry competitions in student assessment

At the recent CELebrate conference, Melanie Gray presented work on embedding industry competitions in student assessment. Industry competitions are an interesting way to build triadic engagement between academics, students and industry aligning closely with our Bournemouth University blended fusion model of research, professional practice and education. Competition and its use within learning can be seen as an… Read more »

CELebrate 2017: Exploring and utilising students’ perspectives on feedback: a mixed method, longitudinal approach

At the recently held CELebrate 2017 conference, Dr. Peter Hills, Kara Peterson, Simon Croker and Dr. Rachel Manning gave a presentation about psychology undergraduate students’ perspectives on assessment feedback. Participants came from all three undergraduate years and spanned a range of academic profiles. The research was longitudinal, from January 2013 to April 2014. A mixed method approach was… Read more »

CELebrate 2017: An Introduction to Team-based Learning

An Introduction to Team-based Learning, Jonny Branney Jonny Branney’s Team-based Learning (TBL) workshop gave delegates the opportunity to experience TBL first-hand and find out how they might implement this strategy to boost student engagement in their own classes. Student-centred active learning approaches are considered to be effective ways for promoting students’ engagement with their learning, but… Read more »

CELebrate 2017: Creating sizzling businesses using practitioner feed-forward and authentic assessment

Blended, Flipped and Fried: Creating sizzling businesses using practitioner feed-forward and authentic assessment, Keith Pretty Keith Pretty shared the challenges, solutions and his evolving Blended, Flipped and Fried approach to creating sizzling learning and assessment experiences. His work pertains to the Level 6 Business Development and Enterprise unit which is focused on the creation of businesses… Read more »

Celebrate 2017: Some reflections on using video feedback at Bournemouth University

Ambrose Seddon presented reflections on using video feedback on the BSc Music Technology degrees at Bournemouth University. Ambrose used Panopto to create video feedback to students. In part, this strategy addressed institutional drivers such as the BU strategic plan and NSS scores especially related to assessment and feedback/ forward. He outlined that providing detailed written… Read more »

CELebrate 2017: A pedagogical approach to fostering assessment for learning and student engagement through the use of smartphones

A pedagogical approach to fostering assessment for learning and student engagement through the use of smartphones: a practitioner experience. Abstract: Different types of assessment abound in existing literature. The focus of the presentation however was on Assessment for Learning which is formative in nature and can be strategised in different ways to enhance the student learning experience…. Read more »

CELebrate 2017: Motivating the unmotivated

Motivating the unmotivated: a case study in STEM, Debbie Holley Abstract: A significant issue for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) students, is where employers, government  and higher education policy makers have identified a lack of preparation in crucial soft skill areas such as presentations and team working. Moving first year gaming and computer science… Read more »

CELebrate 2017: What iInnovate tells us about assessment and feedback

This presentation looked at the responses to the Iinnovate initiative to demonstrate how staff are innovating in assessment and feedback.  Extracting relevant data from the Iinnovate programme, the presentation highlighted practical steps that staff can consider for adoption. The presentation is available here: Promoting academic staff innovation at Bournemouth University from David Biggins    

CELebrate 2017: Using audience response systems

At the recent CELebrate 2017 Conference, one of the presentations comprised a hands-on workshop of two competing audience response systems; Mentimeter and Kahoot. Audience response systems are very good for engaging an audience by asking them questions to which they respond using their own devices such as a mobile phone.  Kahoot is free to use… Read more »