CELebrate 2017: Using audience response systems

At the recent CELebrate 2017 Conference, one of the presentations comprised a hands-on workshop of two competing audience response systems; Mentimeter and Kahoot.

Audience response systems are very good for engaging an audience by asking them questions to which they respond using their own devices such as a mobile phone.  Kahoot is free to use and allows multiple choice questions to be asked.  Mentimeter has a free licence allowing 2-3 questions to be asked but the range of question types is much greater.

The attendees enjoyed the competitive element of Kahoot and also used the new radar plot which has just been made available on Mentimeter.

The presentation, which compared the pros and cons of both systems.

We are still searching for a BU-wide audience response solution.  The clickers which some may have used in the past can still be used but are now quite old and difficult to replace when they wear out.  We are in discussions with Turning Technologies about their new solution, Responseware, which utilised people’s own devices and can be used with the clickers at the same time.

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