CELebrate 2017: Creating sizzling businesses using practitioner feed-forward and authentic assessment

Blended, Flipped and Fried: Creating sizzling businesses using practitioner feed-forward and authentic assessment, Keith Pretty

Keith Pretty shared the challenges, solutions and his evolving Blended, Flipped and Fried approach to creating sizzling learning and assessment experiences. His work pertains to the Level 6 Business Development and Enterprise unit which is focused on the creation of businesses in the digital sector. In this unit which 50-100 students undertake, an open assignment brief is used. Students create a business plan based on an idea of their own, supported with Keith’s original Excel financial planning tool and extensive self-marking guidance. The new businesses must be feasible in the real world, based on research and analysis, dovetailing into a detailed three-year financial plan.

The assignment is used as a vehicle to apply what they have learned from the start, gradually building their own plans each week. The overall unit is split into three steps: Generate, Explore and Create. At each step, practitioners came in to work with the students in small groups and one-to-one, supporting activities and a full day at each step, specifically to offer input and feed-forward on their assessments.

Click on the following link to access the Blended, Flipped and Fried Fusion MapBFF-FusionMap-and-TS-7June2017

Keith Pretty can also be contacted here for more information about his work.

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