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Mass Digitization


Digitisation of the European cultural heritage is the challenge of the 21st century.  Libraries, Archives, Museums, and other memory institutions have now the technological means to digitize their whole collections and make them available online. The potential for accessibility to cultural artefacts, with consequential benefits for research and study, is immense. However, in practice this type of undertaking is severely restricted due to the real or potential subsistence of copyright and related rights.

CIPPM is at the forefront of the research to develop solutions for the digitization of our cultural heritage. In 2013, the Centre Director, Professor Maurizio Borghi co-authored a monograph with Dr. Stavroula Karapapa titled Copyright and Mass Digitization’ published by Oxford University Press.  This book queries the normative and policy implications of this newly emerging framework of mass digitization in copyright law.

In July 2015 the EnDOW Project took off. This is a 3-year project co-funded by Heritage Plus and the European Commission, which sees the cooperation of several major European research centres (CREATe, University of Glasgow; IViR, University of Amsterdam; ASK, Bocconi University, Milan) under the leadership of CIPPM. The project developed the Diligent Search Tool, a pioneeristic platform for crowdsourcing diligent search with the goal of clearing the rights for the collections of cultural heritage institutions:

Benjamin White - PhD Researcher
Claudy Op Den Kamp - Senior Lecturer in Film
Marcella Favale - Senior Research Fellow
Maurizio Borghi - Professor Borghi is the Centre's Director
Melanie Brown - PhD Researcher
EnDOW - Enhancing access to 20th Century cultural heritage through Distributed Orphan Works clearance (EnDOW) EnDOW is a 3-years collaborative project funded under Heritage Plus, a programme launched by agencies of 18 European countries and the European Commission as part of the Joint Programming Initiative in Cultural Heritage and Global Change. The project is a partnership of […]
Copyright and the Regulation of Orphan Works - Copyright and the Regulation of Orphan Works, a report commissioned by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) and co-authored by Dr. Marcella Favale, Dr. Fabian Homberg, Dr. Dinusha Mendis and Dr. Davide Secchi of the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy and Management (CIPPM) at Bournemouth University and Professor Martin Krestchmer of CREATe, University of Glasgow was […]
The new Copyright Directive: what opportunities for cultural heritage institutions? September 20, 2019 - Workshop - Friday 20 September 10:00 - 13:30
Digitization and access to cultural heritage collections: understanding the law and practice September 19, 2019 - Short Course - Thursday 19 September 10:00 - 17:00
Diligent search in the EU: Challenges and opportunities May 15, 2018 - EnDOW Final Conference. Alicante (Spain) 15 May 2018
New Approaches to the Orphan Works Problem June 23, 2017 - Symposium 2017
Matthew David – Sharing: Crime Against Capitalism May 17, 2017 - Research seminar - Wednesday 17 May, 16.00, room F111. Sharing: Crime Against Capitalism is Matthew David's forthcoming new book.

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EnDOW Community: Unlocking Orphan Films March 25, 2020 - CIPPM has received a grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to carry out EnDOW Community, a follow-on project in collaboration with the British Film Institute (BFI) on enhancing the impact, engagement, and knowledge transfer around the EnDOW project (2015-2018). The EnDOW project has developed an online resource – the Diligent Search Tool – […]
Benjamin White joins CIPPM as PhD researcher September 23, 2019 - CIPPM welcomes Benjamin White, who has started his journey as PhD candidate at Bournemouth University. Prior to joining Bournemouth University, Ben was Head of Intellectual Property at the British Library. He also participated in a 2 year European Commission funded project called Future TDM, looking at the barriers to further uptake in Europe of data […]
Why tech giants have little to lose (and lots to win) from new EU copyright law: an opinion by prof. Borghi published on The Conversation September 20, 2018 - The newly approved EU copyright directive has been largely described as an encroachment on bargaining power of US tech giants like Google and Facebook vis-à-vis European publishers and copyright holders. In an article published by The Conversation (here), prof. Borghi explains why, in reality, the directive will benefit Internet giants more than publishers, creators and European […]
A platform for diligent search of orphan works across Europe July 11, 2018 - The EnDOW project aimed at studying and facilitating Diligent Search to clear the rights of Orphan Works was concluded on the 31st of May 2018. Its final conference, held at the EUIPO in Alicante on the 15th of May 2018, brought together the results of the three-years research, as well as a discussion on the best […]
CIPPM researchers at the 10th Annual Workshop of ISHTIP July 11, 2018 - The 10th Annual Workshop of the International Society for the History and Theory of Intellectual Property (ISHTIP) workshop was held at University Roma Tre on 3rd-6th July 2018. The theme of the workshop was Intellectual Property and Heritage and the range of papers discussed was extremely broad, with discussions on topics such as how indigenous […]

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