Digital Rights


The legal aspects of the internet and new technologies, with particular focus on human rights, is a rapidly evolving and dynamic research area with a strong interdisciplinary component. In the digital era, conventional legal thinking has been challenged in an unprecedented manner breaking new ground in legal scholarship: how is this new medium to be understood and regulated? Internet law related research is an all-encompassing field of scholars drawing from law, computer sciences, communication and media studies and sociology, striving to provide answers to the challenges of the digital economy.

CIPPM is one of the few research centres in the UK with remarkable activity in this field benefiting from the expertise of its members on a broad range of issues: online surveillance and cybersecurity, big data and privacy by design, free speech and new media, distributed architectures and internet governance.  Online privacy and data processing legislative framework in the EU is examined thoroughly by the Centre’s Director, Professor Maurizio Borghi. His research on “Online Data Processing Consent under EU Law” (co-authored with F. Ferretti and S. Karapapa) has provided empirical evidence from the UK towards building a robust theoretical model. CIPPM’s Argyro Karanasiou has written extensively on free speech and human rights in the digital era while she has been invited as an academic stakeholder to many international fora on internet governance, most notably IGF 2013 as ISOC’s Ambassador.  Her theory on techno-legal policy models, based on distributed architectures, is a notable example of the diverse and intricate questions posed in the online sphere.

The Centre’s active involvement and research is further evident in the funded PhD studentship commencing in September 2014, which shall be examining the legal implications of Big Data, a promising and exciting new frontier.


Maurizio Borghi - Professor of Intellectual Property Law
Conor O’Kane - Lecturer in Economics
Emile Douilhet - PhD Researcher 2015-2019
Katarina Krapež - Visiting Fellow - Spring 2017 and 2018-2019
Rebecca Wong - Visiting Fellow 2016-2017
Sara Hourani - Lecturer in Law
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Informational Ecosystems: workshop postponed March 25, 2020 - In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Workshop Information Ecosystems (Regulating for and from the Abyss), scheduled for 20 May 2020, has been postponed to a date to be determined in Autumn. Tanks for your understanding. The organising committee: Professor Roger Brownsword, Professor Maurizio Borghi and Dr Jeffrey Wale.
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