Intellectual Property (IP) law has been the mainstay of our short course content. But we recognise the importance of IP management as an ‘enterprise skill’ which sits alongside an understanding of finance, accounting, valuation, taxation, corporate governance, company secretaryship, licence negotiation, economics, policy making, marketing and employment issues. CIPPM clients include UK Higher Education Agency, RAGnet, AURIL, HERDASW Fulcrum, Delphi Automotive plc, Royal Sun Alliance, Gillette UK plc, Dearle & Henderson plc and Selex plc.

  • IP in the Research Context: interactive hard copy and CD-ROM materials to enhance IPR awareness and competence in Higher Education Institutions.
  • Customised IPR training: workshops, short courses, intranet based software packages to enhance IPR awareness and competence in companies.

We continue to add to our short course ‘menu’, in line with statutory and industry demands. Tailored course content to meet client needs is a feature of CIPPM short course delivery.