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Board of Directors

Maurizio Borghi - Professor Borghi is the Centre's Director
Dinusha Mendis - Professor Mendis is the Centre's Co-Director (Digital Copyright, IP & Emerging Technologies)
Ruth Soetendorp - Professor Soetendorp is the Centre's Associate Director (IP Enterprise)
Ruth Towse - Professor Towse is the Centre's Co-Director (Economics of Creative Industries)

Members / Affiliated Faculty

Antanina Garanasvili - Research Economist
Claudy Op Den Kamp - Senior Lecturer in Film
Conor O’Kane - Lecturer in Economics
Julie Robson - Senior Principal Academic
Lingling Wei - Senior Lecturer in Business Law
Marc Mimler - Senior Lecturer
Marcella Favale - Senior Research Fellow
Marta Disegna - Senior Lecturer in Statistics & Econometrics
Sally Weston - Senior Principal Academic

PhD Researchers

Benjamin White - PhD Researcher
Dukki Hong - PhD Researcher
Freyja van den Boom Freyja van den Boom - PhD Researcher
Melanie Brown - PhD Researcher


Visiting Faculty

Alice Gould - Visiting Lecturer
Arno Lodder - Visiting Research Fellow
Bartolomeo Meletti - Visiting Fellow
Christian Handke - Visiting Fellow
Christine Riefa - Visiting Research Fellow
Hayleigh Bosher - Visiting Fellow
Marco Morbidini - Visiting Lecturer
Maria Lillà Montagnani - Visiting Fellow
Paul Cole - Visiting Professor
Pieter Van Cleynenbruegel - Visiting Research Fellow


Past Members and Visiting Faculty