C. Op Den Kamp, B. Flueckiger D. and Pfluger – A Material-Based Approach to the Digitization of Early Applied Colours (2018)

Op Den Kamp, C., Flueckiger, B. and Pfluger, D., 2018. A Material-Based Approach to the Digitization of Early Applied Colors. In: Fossati, G., Jackson, V. and Lameris, B., eds. The Colour Fantastic. Chromatic Worlds of Silent Cinema. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 237-259.

While the digitization of archival films has been practiced for more than a decade, there is still a lack of academic rigour in this field, both on a scientific as well as on an interdisciplinary level. Therefore, we are in need of a better understanding of basic principles, both technological and aesthetic, that guide the many decisions taken throughout the process. This paper presents three interconnected research projects that investigate these topics with a comprehensive approach. Based on thorough analyses of the technology, physics, and aesthetics of film colours, this material-based approach connects these diverse disciplines with the aim to translate the appearance of analogue film colours into the digital domain.

Official URL: https://www.aup.nl/en/book/9789462983014/the-colour-fantastic

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