Reflections from the WIPO-UK Summer School on Intellectual Property

The inaugural World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) – UK online Summer School on Intellectual Property hosted by CIPPM, was brought to a successful conclusion on 17th May 2024.

It was a great honour for CIPPM, Bournemouth University to be selected by WIPO to hosted the UK edition of the Summer School between 6th – 17th May 2024.

Attended by 35 delegates from all over the world, the Summer School featured 28 guest speakers in total. Bringing together academics, practitioners and business stakeholders the Summer School delegates were treated to not only the theory of Intellectual Prooperty law but also how it works in practice.

To ensure a holistic programme, the Summer School covered contemporary issues relating to and ranging from copyright, patents, design, trade marks and geographical indications.

On the final day, the delegates were invited to present on the theme of ‘IP and the SDGs: Building Our Common Future with Innovation and Creativity’ – WIPO’s theme for 2024 – relating it to the future of an IP right of their choice.

For details of the 2024 Summer School please see here.

We are hoping to host the Summer School in 2025 and if interested please send an e-mail to:

We are very grateful to all our guest speakers and our wonderful delegates for making the Summer School a resounding success. Set out below are some views from the delegates who attended the 2024 WIPO-UK/CIPPM Summer School.


“I recently completed the WIPO-UK Summer School on Intellectual Property, and it was an exceptional experience. The comprehensive syllabus covered all key areas of intellectual property, and the lectures were of high quality, delivered by knowledgeable tutors and distinguished guest speakers.

Interactions with tutors, guest speakers, and CIPPM staff were particularly valuable. They were approachable and provided insightful feedback, fostering a collaborative learning environment. The organization of the Summer School was impeccable, with a well-structured schedule and seamless coordination, ensuring that every session was productive and informative.

I appreciated the focus on practical applications of intellectual property law, evident through the group projects and case studies. These activities enhanced my understanding and allowed me to connect with fellow participants from diverse backgrounds. Overall, the Summer School provided a well-rounded and immersive experience, equipping me with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in intellectual property. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to deepen their understanding in this field”. Qi Zhi, China


“This learning experience was thrilling! I was impressed first of all by the quality of the professors and guests, all world renowned specialists in their respective fields. We’ve been walked through all aspects of IP, from copyright to trademarks, from GI to patents. We benefited from both the latest theoretical developments in the field, as well as illustrations from institutions as diverse as BBC or the Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam. No less important, the quality of the peers was amazing, smart and supportive people from basically all over the world, from all continents. Thank you for this experience!”. Raluca Petre, Romania


“The WIPO-CIPPM school is an incredible two-week intensive programme designed to immerse participants in the latest developments of IP law. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the course – it has truly exceeded all my expectations. The programme offers lectures on an impressive breadth of topics (over 34!) from leading academics, industry professionals, and practitioners. From AI, metaverse, blockchain, video game cloning, fashion, music, films, geographical indications, public domain and more, this programme will allow you to exhibit knowledge of a broad range of contemporary IP issues. Aside from the riveting content, I have made many new friendships and professional connections as the summer school brings together like minded individuals with similar passions. My fellow delegates are intelligent, accomplished individuals and they have helped me to broaden my horizons with their international perspectives and insightful questions. Moreover, the CIPPM (Bournemouth University) professors are incredibly gracious and have done an excellent job in designing the carefully crafted syllabus. It has been a pleasure learning from them. I would strongly encourage anyone interested in learning more about IP law to apply. Not only will it enhance your knowledge of the discipline but expand your network and increase your career prospects”. Roma Renderia, UK


“My experience at the Summer School on Intellectual Property was truly exceptional. I learned a tremendous amount about IPR, particularly the intricacies of specialized topics and the fascinating cultural and societal connections within the field.

The syllabus was incredibly well-structured, addressing contemporary developments like AI and their impact on current IPR challenges. The lectures were delivered by a diverse range of speakers, each with a wealth of expertise. They presented in a friendly and engaging manner, fostering a stimulating learning environment.

The interactions with tutors, guest speakers, and CIPPM staff were incredibly productive. Everyone was approachable and eager to share their knowledge and insights. I gained valuable new perspectives on the subject matter.

The Summer School’s organization was impeccable, making the entire learning journey seamless and enjoyable. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the entire team, with a special thank you to Director Dinusha Mendes and WIPO for making this experience possible.” Animesh Pratap Singh, India


“My experience of attending the WIPO-UK Summer School on Intellectual Property was incredibly enriching and valuable. The programme and lectures were comprehensive and insightful, covering a wide range of intellectual property topics. The quality of the lectures was exceptional, delivered by knowledgeable and engaging lecturers who made complex concepts easy to understand.

Interacting with the lecturers, guest lecturers and CIPPM staff was very rewarding. They were accessible, supportive and provided valuable advice and guidance throughout the programme. The organisation of the Summer School was top-notch: clear communication, timely feedback and a well-designed timetable that allowed for interactive and engaging sessions.

One aspect that I found particularly useful was the daily surveys and final evaluation of the programme. These feedback mechanisms not only helped to improve the programme but also encouraged active participation and reflection. The emphasis on participation, group discussions and projects helped to create a collaborative learning environment, which enhanced the overall learning experience.

Overall, the WIPO UK Summer School exceeded my expectations and provided me with valuable knowledge and skills in the field of intellectual property. I highly recommend this programme to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of IP law and its application in today’s digital age”. Anna Pokrovskaya