K. Patterson, R. Deazley & V. Stobo – Diligent Search in Context and Practice” (2016)

K. Patterson, R. Deazley & V. Stobo “Diligent Search in Context and Practice” (Digitising the Edwin Morgan Scrapbooks) – 2016

Carrying out a diligent search is a requirement of both the EU Orphan Works Directive[1] and the UK Intellectual Property Office’s Orphan Works Licensing Scheme (OWLS). Diligent search is a time-consuming exercise for any digitisation project and the task is even more challenging with the Edwin Morgan scrapbooks due to the number of de-contextualised and partial cuttings and the variety of sources used. In this part of the resource we explore the practical implications of diligent search in relation to both the Directive and OWLS, illustrated by a rights clearance exercise performed on a 10% sample of Scrapbook 12 from Edwin Morgan’s series of scrapbooks.