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CIPPM Researchers at Copy Ethics Conference 2017

CIPPM Researcher Dr. Claudy Op den Kamp and CIPPM Visiting Fellow, Mr. Bartolomeo Meletti were invited to speak at the International Copy Ethics conference, which was held from 11-14 July 2017 at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research at the University of Bielefeld. The conference was the closing event of a multi-year research project on the […]

EnDOW Diligent Search platform launched

Diligent search of the copyright owners is the pre-requisite for any legitimate use of orphan works by cultural heritage institutions. Under the current legislation, diligent search is a complex and time consuming exercise, that discourages many European institutions from embarking in digitization of recent cultural heritage. The EnDOW project established in 2015 addresses the problem of […]

Event report: New Approaches to the Orphan Works Problem

Friday 23 June 2017 Crowdsourcing is one of the great innovations of the 21st century, but can it help address the issue of diligent search in the use of orphan works? … Read the full report by Hayleigh Bosher on the IPKat (with contributions from PhD researchers Emile Douilhet, Dukki Hong and Matej Gera) >> Programme

Google money and research ethics: a response by professor Borghi to The Times

In an article published on the front page of the Times on 13 July, entitled “Google pays academics millions for key support”, researchers of Bournemouth University have been accused of not disclosing funds received by Google to support the tech giant’s policy interests. The allegation is based on a report issued by a US group called […]

Two new book chapters by Dinusha Mendis

Professor Dinusha Mendis has contributed chapters to two new books published by Edward Elgar Publishers and Oxford University Press. The first, published in May 2017, analyses Directive 2014 / 26 / EU on Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights and Multi-Territorial Licensing of Rights in Musical Works for Online Use in the Internal Market […]