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Ruth Towse: “Dealing with Digital: Economic Organisation of Streamed Music” - Working Paper No. 01-2020 January 2020 The intervention of digital service providers (DSPs) or platforms such as Spotify, AppleMusic and Tidal supplying music streamed music has fundamentally altered the way that song-writers and recording artists are paid and the operation of copyright management organisations (CMOs). Platform economics has emerged from the economic analysis of two- […]


Maurizio Borghi: “Reconstructing fairness – The problem with fair use exclusivity” - Working Paper No. 04-2019 October 2019 Exemptions from copyright infringement play a pivotal role in the new digital economy. Tech companies rely heavily on fair use, fair dealing and other statutory exceptions, as well as on safe-harbour limitations of liability. For many businesses, the availability of a copyright exemption represents an asset that is as […]
Dinusha Mendis, “Fit for Purpose? 3D Printing and the Implications for Design Law: Opportunities and Challenges” - Working Paper No 03.2019 October 2019 Enforcement may become even more complex in the future with the emergence of 3D printing. This technology makes it easier to breach industrial designs and hence it is necessary to question exactly how rights will be enforced in the future … Enforcing infringement laws is likely to become a […]