Marcella Favale

Research Fellow

My background is in Intellectual Property Law and New Technologies. After a PhD on Digital Rights Managements (DRM) and Copyright Exceptions, I have carried out some extremely interesting research on patents and biotechnologies (ethics and patentability of human biologic material). At the same time I have built an extensive publication record (four papers, one case comment) on DRM and copyright in the digital environment. Meanwhile, I have carried out several works on European and international policy on Intellectual Property, on commission of a number of public institutions (SABIP, IPO, the European Commission).

My research plans involve merging legal and technological techniques to find a balanced solution for the much-debated issue of DRM, with a view of applying this interdisciplinary methodology to all different platforms on which DRM is implemented (CDs, DVDs, videogames, the internet, the cloud, biometrics and technologies yet to be devised).

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