CIPPM Hosts Annual SERCI Conference from 6-7 July 2023

CIPPM is pleased to host the Society for Economic Research on Copyright Issues (SERCI) Annual Conference on 6th and 7th July, 2023

The conference will be hosted by CIPPM Co-Director, Professor Ruth Towse and the keynote will be delivered by leading economist, Mr. Abhinay Muthoo.

It will be held at the Executive Business School, Bournemouth University, a 5 minute walk from the train station.

The deadline for proposals is 21 May 2023, with a rough draft requested by 21 June 2023.

Please email your proposals or papers to and

We very much hope you will join us on 6th and 7th July 2023.

Attendance at the conference is free and there will be a gala dinner on 6th July 2023. This is a free event for all conference presenters. Additional diners (co-authors, other congress delegates, spouses, etc.) are warmly invited to attend the dinner as well.

The conference programme is set out below and further information can be found here:

The event has now concluded. Below you can find a summary report of the 2023 conference.

CIPPM hosted the annual congress of the Society for Economic Research on Copyright Issues (SERCI) 6-7 July, its 21st meeting. This highly specialised international group of economists and legal scholars interested in law and economics also includes people in government and the creative industries. Over 30 participants this year included three members of staff from the UK’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO), one from the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and one from the US Copyright Board. Industry representatives also participated, with a member from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) present.

Fifteen papers were presented along with the Invited Guest Lecture, by Professor Abinay Muthoo from the National Institute of Economic and Social Research. Topics ranged from an overview by Martin Kretschmer,  of the Copyright Evidence Wiki produced by University of Glasgow’s CREATe, to cost benefit analysis of New Zealand’s copyright extension presented by Philip Grundy via Zoom, with topics on the economic role of copyright, finance, consumption, antitrust, data mining among others being presented.

SERCI would like to thank CIPPM Director Professor Dinusha Mendis and colleagues for hosting the meeting and for their help in its preparation, with Professor Ruth Towse (Co-Director, CIPPM) as the local organiser.



Day 1: Thursday, July 6th

10:00am Welcome Session
10:30am Session 1:
Martin Kretschmer (CREATE and University of Glasgow) Artists’ earning data, and the Copyright Evidence Wiki
Glynn Lunney (Texas A&M University) Transforming copyright
Zvi Rosen (Southern Illinois University) Who framed Mickey Mouse?
Will Page (Independent Economist) ‘Glocalisation’ of music streaming within and across Europe
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm Session 2:
Rebecca Giblin (IPRIA and University of Melbourne) Untapped potential: Economic analysis emerging from the Australian literary heritage project
Ariel Katz (University of Toronto) Sedating democracy’s watch dogs: Critical reflections on Canada’s proposed online news act
Philip Gunby (University of Canterbury) A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Music Industry of a Proposed Copyright Term Extension in New Zealand
3:00pm Coffee Break
3:30pm Session 3: SERCI Invited Guest Lecture
Abhinay Muthoo (National Institute of Economic and Social Research) Asymmetric Bargaining Power, Speed of Innovation, and Optimal Copyright Law for the 21st Century
4:30pm SERCI AGM
6:30pm Gala Supper

Day 2: Friday, July 7th

9:30am Session 4:
Othmann Badaoui (ParisTech, Ecole de Mines) How can context affect utility in cultural consumption? The case of music streaming
Kenny Barr (University of Glasgow) A buyer’s market? The economics of buy-out contracts for musical composition
10:30am Coffee Break
11:00am Session 5:
Elliott Hughes (University of Canterbury) Bargaining theory and the CRB’s rate setting mandate
Koji Domon (Waseda University) Effects of cultural content piracy and enforcement on inbound contents tourism
Kristelia Garcia (University of Colorado) Case studies from an antitrust project on vertical integration between content producers and content distributors
12:30am Lunch
1:30pm Session 6:
Matthias Sahli (WIPO) IP assets and film finance: A primer on standard practices in the US
Paul Heald (University of Illinois) Design law regimes and the market for toasters: A comparative empirical study of EU, US and UK design diversity in consumer goods
Joshua Yuvaraj (University of Auckland) An empirical study of US copyright termination litigation under 17 USC 203
3:00pm Coffee Break
3:30pm Session 7:
Michael Palmedo (American University) Measuring Change in Copyright Exceptions for Text and Data Mining
Christian Handke (University of Rotterdam) Text and data mining by academic researchers and copyright
Remi Devaux (Paris Tech Ecole de Mines) Display advertising: How context matters
5:00pm End of Conference