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Education Screening Event on Copyright & Creative Reuse at BFI January 22, 2018 - Together with Ronan Deazley (Queen’s University Belfast), Bartolomeo Meletti (CREATe, University of Glasgow / BFI), and Annabelle Shaw (BFI), CIPPM researcher Claudy Op den Kamp co-curated a one-day event at the BFI Southbank on 8 December 2017, on Copyright & Creative Reuse. The event explored the role of copyright in relation to creativity, film archives,... Read more »
Exploring International Copyright’s Gaps and Flexibilities October 21, 2017 - Ruth Towse took part in the Kernochan Center’s 2017 Symposium “Exploring International Copyright’s Gaps and Flexibilities” held at Columbia Law School, on October 6. The main theme of the Symposium was that international copyright treaties, particularly the Berne Convention and TRIPS may never be revised again, though the world has changed enormously since their promulgation.... Read more »
CIPPM Researchers at Copy Ethics Conference 2017 July 28, 2017 - CIPPM Researcher Dr. Claudy Op den Kamp and CIPPM Visiting Fellow, Mr. Bartolomeo Meletti were invited to speak at the International Copy Ethics conference, which was held from 11-14 July 2017 at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research at the University of Bielefeld. The conference was the closing event of a multi-year research project on the... Read more »
Economics of copyright at the ALAI Congress in Copenhagen May 30, 2017 - The ALAI Congress 2017 was held at the University of Copenhagen on 18-19 May 2017. Ruth Towse was invited to take part and present in the panel on Economics of copyright. Here is professor Towse’s report on the Congress. The ALAI (International Literary and Artistic Association) 2017 conference, title ‘Copyright, to be or not to be’, met... Read more »
‘Metall auf Metall’. The German Federal Constitutional Court rules on hip hop sampling April 10, 2017 - Marc Mimler's case review of the German Federal Constitutional Court's decision on the permissibility of sampling which is widely used in hip hop and electronic music.
The Paper Print Collection: How Copyright Formalities and Historical Accidents Led to Film History March 13, 2017 - Article of Claudy Op den Kamp published in the University of Western Australia Law Review
Copyright auctions and the asset value of copyright works January 2, 2017 - Article by Ruth Towse in the Review of Economic Research on Copyright Issues, vol. 13(2) (2016)
The Artful Economist: A New Look at Cultural Economics December 1, 2016 - The book, edited by Ilde Rizzo and Ruth Towse, is dedicated to the memory of Professor Sir Alan Peacock, with whom the editors and many of the contributors have collaborated. Alan was one of the first people to work in cultural economics and made seminal contributions to a range of topics in the field. The... Read more »
Ruth Towse awarded Distinguished Fellow of ACEI September 23, 2016 - CIPPM Co-Director Professor Ruth Towse has been conferred the honour of Distinguished Fellow of the ACEI (Association for Cultural Economics International). In his article on the Journal of Cultural Economics, professor David Thorsby illustrates the exceptional contribution that Ruth Towse has made to the discipline over more than thirty years, and concludes that “Ruth Towse’s long and distinguished career have... Read more »
Working paper: Researching song titles, product cycles and copyright in published music July 11, 2016 - Ruth Towse and Hyojung Sun published the working paper Researching song titles, product cycles and copyright in published music: problems, results and data sources The purpose of this Working Paper is to pass on our experience of research on song titles and product cycles in UK music publishing which was intended to provide evidence of the impact... Read more »
Ruth Towse's talk The WINIR Symposium on Property Rights April 12, 2016 - 4-6 April, University of Bristol Ruth Towse attended the World Interdisciplinary Network for Institutional Research (WINIR) Symposium on Property Rights which attracted academics from all over the world with a seeming predominance of legal experts. WINIR has its focus on three core disciplines: economics, law and sociology, each of which was represented in the three... Read more »
Economics of music publishing: copyright and the market March 15, 2016 - Article of Ruth Towse published on the Journal of Cultural Economics
CIPPM Project wins AHRC Research in Film Award November 13, 2015 - An animated film on titled The Adventure of the Girl with the Light Blue Hair won an AHRC Research in Film Award on 12 November 2015 at an Awards Ceremony hosted at the British Film Institute, Southbank London. is an online resource, which makes copyright law accessible to creators, teachers, students and members of... Read more »
Dinusha Mendis Speaks on Copyright Policy at the Autumn Green Party Conference 2015 September 25, 2015 - The Autumn Green Party Conference took place at the Bournemouth International Centre on 25-28 September 2015 and it was the first time the Green Party Conference was held in Bournemouth. Dr. Dinusha Mendis was invited to speak on the Copyright Policy Panel on Friday 25th September 2015. Dr. Mendis focused on the copyright term, the new copyright... Read more »
CIPPM Researchers Present at the European Policy for Intellectual Property (EPIP) Conference September 5, 2015 - The 10th Annual Conference of European Policy for Intellectual Property (EPIP) was hosted by CREATe, the RCUK Centre for Copyright and New Business Models in the Creative Economy at the University of Glasgow, on 2 and 3 September 2015. Opening the conference in the beautiful setting of the Chapel, Professor Ian Hargreaves, Professor of Digital Economy and the author... Read more »
Alternative Compensation Systems for Digital Copyright July 31, 2015 - Ruth Towse was invited to present a paper to a high-level symposium on alternative modes of regulating large-scale non-commercial online uses of copyrighted works, organized by the Institute for Information Law (IViR) at the University of Amsterdam, on 11 July 2015. Professor Towse’s speech in the Economic panel “alternatives to the current modes of financing... Read more »
Understanding UK Copyright Law: An Interactive Workshop for Music Writers and Composers March 30, 2015 - Post by Bartolomeo Meletti, Lead Producer of, a co-production between CIPPM (Bournemouth University) and CREATe (University of Glasgow). On Thursday 19th March 2015, the Digital Catapult Centre hosted the second in the series of workshops entitled ‘Understanding UK Copyright Law’, a joint initiative of the Digital Catapult, CREATe,, and the Copyright Hub. The purpose of these workshops is... Read more »
Making sense of Digital Rights Management in Videogames February 5, 2015 - CIPPM researcher Marcella Favale has been awarded a Fusion Investment Fund for a collaborative project on Making sense of DRM in game development (Madrigal) Restrictive technology can prevent you from copying certain CDs or DVDs to a portable device to watch during your train journey or even go as far as to dictate which brand... Read more »
CIPPM Members present research co-funded by the UKIPO and ESRC on Copyright and the Public Domain January 7, 2015 - The Centre for Intellectual Property Policy and Management’s Co-Director, Dr. Dinusha Mendis and CIPPM Member, Dr. Fabian Homberg presented their research on ‘Valuing the Public Domain’ – a collaboration with CREATe, University of Glasgow – on 5th December 2014, at Digital Catapult, London. ‘Valuing the Public Domain’ is a major research and knowledge exchange project... Read more »
CIPPM Researchers present at CREATe’s All-Hands Meeting September 20, 2014 - CIPPM Researchers Professor Maurizio Borghi, Dr. Marcella Favale, Dr. Fabian Homberg, Mr. Conor O’Kane, Mr. Bartolomeo Meletti, Dr. Dinusha Mendis and Professor Ruth Towse attended the All-Hands Meeting hosted by CREATe, University of Glasgow on 15-16 September 2014. Set in the beautiful Mackintosh Suite of House for an Art Lover (designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh), the... Read more »
Copyright and business models in music publishing: an historical analysis September 20, 2014 - The preliminary results of the AHRC-funded project Evolution in Music Publishing: Economic Strategies, Business Models and Copyright are presented by Professor Ruth Towse to the CREATe All Hands Conference, Glasgow 15 -16 September, 2014. Copyright and business models in music publishing: an historical analysis Music publishing is a fruitful industry in which to study copyright and... Read more »
Ruth Towse: The impact of digitization on copyright collecting societies September 12, 2014 - Professor Ruth Towse presented the paper ‘The impact of digitization on copyright collecting societies’ at the European Policy for IP (EPIP) Conference 4-5 September, Brussels. The established view of copyright collecting societies on the part of copyright economists, the courts and regulators is that their natural monopoly is justified on efficiency grounds. Besides its effects... Read more » Updated to Reflect Changes in UK Copyright Law July 18, 2014 - – a co-production between CIPPM Bournemouth University and CREATe, University of Glasgow – has been updated in light of the changes to UK copyright law made on 1 June 2014. Learning from the difficulties encountered by other initiatives in the field of copyright education, the Copyright User project aims at keeping up with the evolving copyright landscape. offers... Read more »
Ruth Towse on the Digital Copyright Exchange June 27, 2014 - Could technology override economics in the case of the Digital Copyright Exchange? Economic analysis of collective rights administration has so far strongly supported the natural monopoly case for single national collecting societies for particular bundles of rights protected by territorially based copyright law and the courts have gone along with that view. Digitization in the... Read more »
Launch of in London March 12, 2014 - The Centre for Intellectual Property Policy and Management (CIPPM) together with CREATe, University of Glasgow launched the at The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Creative Economy Showcase. The event was held at Kings Place, London, on Wednesday 12th March 2014. The Showcase demonstrated the outputs and innovations of AHRC investments in the Creative Economy... Read more »
Ruth Towse's talk How Can Creativity Foster the EU Economy? February 5, 2014 - Ruth Towse was invited to give the keynote talk ‘How Can Creativity Foster the EU Economy?’ to a meeting organized in Barcelona on 17th January by the ICEC – Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies, part of the Ministry of Culture of Catalunya. There were representatives of 225 companies present. Besides Ruth Towse’s talk, which tried to clarify... Read more »
Ruth Towse Professor Ruth Towse visiting University of Canterbury, New Zealand September 11, 2013 - CIPPM Co-Director Professor Ruth Towse has been invited by the University of Canterbury (New Zealand) as visiting fellow for her work in cultural economics, in the frame of the Erskine Programme. During her permanence in the Southern Hemisphere, Professor Towse will also be visiting Australia where she shall give seminars at MacQuarie University in Sydney... Read more »
Arts & Humanities Research Council AHRC grant awarded for project on music publishing July 25, 2013 - CIPPM received a grant from AHRC to carry out a two-year research project on “Evolution in music publishing: economic strategies, business models and copyright”. A team of researchers coordinated by Professor Ruth Towse (Co-Director of CIPPM) will analyse the strategies of the music publishing industry over a long period of time as it adapted its... Read more »