Panopto end user licence changes

For those staff who already use Panopto and for those who plan to use it in the future, we would like to make you aware of a change that is effective from today.

When you open Panopto and start to make a recording, you will be asked to agree to a new end user licence agreement (EULA).  This is something that you will only be asked once.

The purpose of the EULA is to ensure that the correct legal processes are followed to enable compliant use of lecture capture facilities.

For example, the EULA asks the user to agree to be recorded and filmed as the principal party to a lecture within Bournemouth University and that there is consent for any third party material included in the recording.  The user is also asked to confirm that all participants are notified that a recording is being made and seek consent.  The agreement also asks the user to agree to waive moral rights in the performance in the film/recording.

Here is link to more information and a full list of the content of the agreement and a link to the Panopto page on the TEL Toolkit.

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