Seeking 5 testers for Mentimeter

Mentimeter is an internet-based audience response tool that you may have seen in the TEL Toolkit.  It is similar to TurningPoint in that questions are prepared in advance and then answered by students in lectures and seminars.  Where Mentimeter differs from the current version of TurningPoint that BU uses is in the device used by… Read more »

Judging of the ‘How do you use yours’ competition

At yesterday’s TEL Strategy Forum, the 12 submissions were reviewed and judged by the Forum members.  The winning entry was decided upon but only after a great deal of debate and discussion.  An iPad will be awarded to the winner at the forthcoming ceremony. The entries covered many of the tools in the TEL Toolkit… Read more »

150 responses and counting

For the digital skills self-assessment questionnaire, we currently have 150 responses.  A big thank you to all those people who have completed the questionnaire since it was launched at the beginning of February. We would ideally like all academic staff to complete the survey so can you spare 15 minutes to help us please?  Completing… Read more »

#BbTLC2016: Authentic assessment with large cohorts

Dr Chris Moore of UWE recently presented at the Blackboard Teaching and Learning Conference (2016) about his approaches to embedding authentic assessment into a unit delivered to a large cohort of students. The unit in question was a Level 4 Anatomy unit attended by over 200 students with delivery of 12 topics,  spread over 24 weeks involving lectures, practicals and tutorials. Assessment… Read more »

CELebrate Workshop: The challenges and rewards of teaching qualitative analysis using CAQDAS

I delivered this workshop as part of #CELebrate2016, with three main objectives. First, to acquaint participants with the principles of using Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS) for qualitative analysis; second, to discuss the rewards that come with introducing students to the potential uses of CAQDAS while they are learning qualitative analysis techniques; and… Read more »

Panopto end user licence changes

For those staff who already use Panopto and for those who plan to use it in the future, we would like to make you aware of a change that is effective from today. When you open Panopto and start to make a recording, you will be asked to agree to a new end user licence… Read more »

Do you use Turning Point or other audience response system?

A joint mini project between the Learning Technologists and CEL is looking into the tools we use to elicit responses from students in class.  These are collectively known as audience response systems and are very useful tools to engage students in a lecture or seminar setting. You may have used or heard about Turning Point… Read more »

Schedule for the presentation equipment refresh

IT have been upgrading the presentation equipment across the 190 teaching rooms on the BU campuses. Here is the schedule for completing the upgrade in the coming months. AV Refresh Schedule April 2016 If the equipment in the room(s) you teach in has changed recently, you can contact ITS for help or log in to… Read more »

Informal Learning in the Workplace

Professor John Cook of UWE gave a fascinating keynote address at the recently held CELebrate 2016 on the subject of Informal Learning in the Workplace. The address drew on a large European project on Learning Layers intended to develop technologies that support informal learning in the workplace, with particular focus on Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) within… Read more »

Challenging educational paradigms: The changing role of the learning technologist

Peter Bryant of the London School of Economics gave a thought provoking keynote  address at the recently held CELebrate 2016 on the subject Challenging educational paradigms: The changing role of the learning technologist. Here are some excerpts from the presentation: “The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed” –  William Gibson  ‘Six years ago, for the first… Read more »