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Simulation session with Staffordshire University

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Last week Dr Emily Browne from Staffordshire University gave a presentation to BU staff on Staffordshire’s educational framework for embedding simulation into teaching. The framework incorporates a 5 stage approach to support staff with incorporating simulation activity throughout the curriculum and to help improve staff confidence with the process. Students move up and down the… Read more » about Simulation session with Staffordshire University

Review of the Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) scheme at BU

As a key Access Excellence and Innovation Committee (AEIC) action, BU has committed to reviewing BU’s Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) scheme. The PAL scheme fosters cross-year support between students on the same course. PAL encourages students to support each other and to learn collaboratively under the guidance of trained students, called PAL Leaders, from the year… Read more » about Review of the Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) scheme at BU

FLIE lunchtime drop-ins Semester 2


Once again this semester FLIE will be running weekly face-to-face drop-ins in FG04 to support staff with some of the digital tools you have access to for teaching and learning. We’re focusing on a different theme each week so bring along your questions in person to FG04 on the following days and times: Preparing your… Read more » about FLIE lunchtime drop-ins Semester 2

Brightspace videos for new starters


Do you have a new member of staff in your team who is unfamiliar with Brightspace? or would you like a refresher on some of Brightspace’s functionality? Brightspace is BU’s Virtual Learning Environment and it’s the key platform for students to access learning materials and online activities to support their study.  Navigating and understanding Brightspace… Read more » about Brightspace videos for new starters

In conversation with Louise Oliver

Louise Oliver and her team have been working on a series of gamified learning experiences, with assistance from some of the Learning Technologists, so we took the opportunity to ask her about some of her work in this area of innovative pedagogy. The latest concept was an immersive murder mystery learning scenario where each character… Read more » about In conversation with Louise Oliver

Unit preparation for Semester 2


FLIE is offering a series of workshops and drop-ins to better enable you to prepare for your delivery and assessment in Semester 2. If you’re teaching in Semester 2, please take the opportunity to come together as a teaching team, or even at programme level or department level, to align your ideas for promoting consistency across your… Read more » about Unit preparation for Semester 2

Escape Rooms – Drop-in Session in FG04


Are you interested in creating a virtual escape room in your Brightspace unit? By bringing the theory of gamification and introducing an element of competition or reward into tasks or activities, escape room exercises can be developed within Brightspace using a combination of the available tools and other external resources, which can be physical or… Read more » about Escape Rooms – Drop-in Session in FG04

Setting up your ‘My Unit Feedback’ survey

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My Unit Feedback is a unit-level survey at all levels which replaces MUSE. It will run towards the end of the unit. It will ask students about their learning experience on each of their units. The feedback received helps you to further build on your areas of good practice and identify any areas for development…. Read more » about Setting up your ‘My Unit Feedback’ survey

Eye Tracking Technologies

Pupil Labs Invisible eye tracking glasses phone and laptop

The FLIE Learning Technology team have been investigating eye tracking technology and how it can be applied to innovate teaching and learning practices. What is eye tracking technology? Eye tracking technology helps observe and measure eye movements, pupil dilation, point of gaze, and blinking to see where subjects of a study focus their visual attention,… Read more » about Eye Tracking Technologies

Academic Integrity online seminars

Academic Integrity 2022/23 webinar series

Tales of the Unexpected: Traps and Pitfalls in Academic Integrity A series of online seminars led by experts from around the world. Hosted by Bournemouth University. UK Higher Education has a reputation for quality, relevance, and integrity. This is evidenced through institutional documentation, student feedback, staff commitment and regulatory reporting. Factors that support student learning… Read more » about Academic Integrity online seminars