CEL Fusion Investment Fund Projects

Staff from across BU have the opportunity to bid for pedagogic development or research projects For the last two years, the Centre for Excellence in Learning has offered the opportunity for BU staff in both academic and professional and support roles, to bid for projects that will lead to enhancements in learning and teaching. The… Read more »

Developing your learning and teaching skills

If you are interested in developing new and honing existing learning and teaching skills you should have a look at CEL’s Learning and Teaching Fellowship scheme which is open for applications. The aim of the Scheme is to allow you to engage in pedagogic research activities or evaluation and develop innovative practices, disseminating this to… Read more »

Fusion Funding Workshops: Tuesday 6th October (Talbot) Wednesday 7 October (Lansdowne)

Got a great learning idea? Professional /Academic staff can apply.. funding up to £2000 for  Fusion Educational projects – come along and find out more at one of two workshops this week… Workshop One Talbot: Tuesday 6 October CEL space 16.00/17:00 Pg30a Workshop Two: Lansdowne: Wednesday 7th October, Wednesday 7th 12:00/13:00 R303 Did you know?… Read more »

Association for Learning Technology Conference: Augmenting Reality

Dr Debbie Holley is passionate about Learning Technology, and below shares an account of her recent presentation at the Association for Learning Technology annual conference Our Abstract AR is where embedded animations, video clips, 3D graphics ‘come to life’ when a SMART device is help up to an image, which ‘triggers’ the media. There has… Read more »

(Not) Being Seen as Students – BERA blog

During the summer, the Fair Access Research project ran focus groups with final year HSS and Sci Tech students. The groups were part of a pilot study exploring perceptions of the student experience and widening participation. BERA have published a blog by Dr Alex Wardrop, which touches on some of the themes addressed in her recent CEL post. Drawing on findings from… Read more »

On being passionate…

“Students have got to feel that they’re driven by somebody who has a real passion for what they’re doing. Cos if you don’t, what the hell are you doing in there in the first place?” This quote comes from a Bournemouth University student participating in our “How Brilliant are We?” research project, and is one… Read more »

Conference on Citizenship and Education – 3 Nov 15

In association with the British Sociological Association, BU is hosting a conference on Citizenship and Education on 3rd November in Bournemouth House. For more information or to book to attend the conference, please visit the British Sociological Association website

Life? Don’t Talk to Me About Life!

Dr Alex Wardrop, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Fair Access to Higher Education, reflects on loans, life, and the limits of fair access. The Sutton Trust recently published a report by John Thompson outlining the impact of the Government’s proposed changes to the student loan repayment structure and removal of maintenance grants to economically disadvantaged students…. Read more »

What can CEL do for you?

CEL is committed to providing timely and useful information (eg the CEL blog and Twitter feed) and a range of supporting services (eg PG Cert, project funding, the Teaching and Learning Fellowships, …) for BU. We would like to know what we can do that will contribute to your role in BU?  What information do… Read more »

BU Learning and Teaching Fellowship scheme

During this week, we held two briefing sessions for academics at Lansdowne and Talbot campuses.  The purpose of the sessions was to explain the rationale for the scheme, discuss the benefits and walk through the application process. If anyone would like more information on the scheme, please go to the BU L&T page.  This page… Read more »