Call for Chapters, Leading Change Together in Global Higher Education

Leading Change Together in Global Higher Education

Editors: Cristina Devecchi, Northampton University and Jacqueline Potter, Keele University.

The Higher Education sector has seen major changes around the world. From the rise of new universities to the increase in student numbers, universities have had to respond and adapt to top-down national policy and to more external accountability, while at the same time finding new models to develop entrepreneurial and more agile ways of working. Such changes are having a range of impacts on the university workforce.

We are interested in proposals for chapters that will examine, challenge and exemplify how today’s universities are responding to and delivering change programmes and the role of leaders and staff partnerships working to deliver change. We are seeking both conceptual chapters and case study examples of personal experiences or institutional / sector developments however all chapters need to be referenced to existing literature and to follow academic conventions for writing and to build on past, similar work.

Specifically, we are interested to receive contributions that explore:

* the role of leadership and leaders in driving projects and culture changes;

* examples of change practices where non-traditional leaders are appointed or emerge;

* change projects that challenge and change existing working practices among higher education staff;

* approaches to partnership working among colleagues in very different roles or from diverse parts of an organisation;

* examples of both successful and unsuccessful change projects with lessons learnt.

Please send your proposed title, a short 300 word summary plan of your chapter idea and an indicative list of key references by Monday 31st July 2017 to Jackie Potter at Please also include the full names and affiliations of the authors and a short 100 word biography of each author. All expressions of interest will be reviewed by the editors and final decisions will be fed back to prospective authors in early September. We regret that we may not be able to include all expressions of interest as chapters in the final book. Accepted chapters will need to be written to a standard format, to be specified by the publisher, and will be 5000-6000 words.

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