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Me@BU toolkit improvements

Dr Camila Devis- Rozental  –joined the ‘Debbie and John’ Tech Thursday to share her work on ME@BU. Camila has been using the space (which appears on all the staff and student Brightspace landing pages) to create resources for students to help them with their transitioning into Higher Education. Based on a research piece of work… Read more »

LT Drop in clinics wb 11th May

TELID Team Feedback poster

The Learning Technologist team look forward to welcoming you to our continued daily online drop in sessions. Further to our usual day-to-day support, we are still providing additional virtual face-to-face sessions for colleagues where we’re happy to help you with any questions around remote teaching or Brightspace tools. Click on the links in the table… Read more »

LT Drop in clinics wb 4th May

TELID Team Feedback poster

The Learning Technologist team continue to be here to support staff with their enquiries in relation to Brightspace and online teaching. Please ‘drop in’ at any time during the hour to ask any questions you have in relation to pre-recording lecture materials, running seminars and lectures online, personalising communication, enhancing engagement and collaboration, assessment and… Read more »

Brightspace tools for exam revision preparation

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As exam season approaches, here is a quick guide to some of the tools available on Brightspace that can facilitate revision by keeping those communication lines open and helping to build student understanding. The following topics are covered in this week’s online LT drop-in sessions. You can view a recording of today’s session online or… Read more »

LT Drop in clinics wb 27th April

TELID Team Feedback poster

We are continuing with our Learning Technologist drop in clinics this week at the times shown below. This week we’re going to focus on how Brightspace tools can help with exam revision preparation, for example using virtual classrooms for interactive FAQ sessions, running online quizzes covering key topic revision, or utilising VideoNotes to personalise your… Read more »

Running a successful online quiz in Brightspace

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There are several benefits to moving quizzes online. The administrative burden is reduced with automatic grading and results can be issued promptly to students. Online quizzes are scalable with large cohorts and can be accessed remotely. Questions and answers can easily by randomised, avoiding subconscious patterns. And the online environment is inclusive for students who… Read more »

LT Drop in clinics week beginning 20th April

Thank you for the continued positive feedback that the team is receiving. It’s good to know that the work we are doing, often behind the scenes, is having impact across the organisation. This week, we’re moving to take a closer look at quizzes on Brightspace during our online LT drop in clinics.  So if you’re… Read more »

Brightspace Virtual Classroom update

In response to the increased demand for the Virtual Classroom we have just moved to an enhanced licence which now offers the following improvements with immediate effect: Participant limit increased from 50 to 150 Session times increased from 60 minutes to 240 minutes Teaching teams/Presenters can now join sessions 10 minutes before the scheduled start… Read more »

Anonymous Marking now turned off

Anonymous Marking has now been disabled in Brightspace for assignments with deadlines after the following dates: Faculty of Health & Social Sciences: 2nd April Faculty of Management / BU Business School: 3rd April Faculty of Media and Communication: 30th March Faculty of Science & technology: 31st March If you are due to begin marking an… Read more »

LT Drop in clinics over the Easter break

Thank you for all the positive feedback we have been receiving in response to the LT online drop in clinics around the use of Virtual Classrooms and Panopto. As we move into the Easter break, we look forward to continuing to support colleagues with the shift to online teaching. Further to our ususal day-to-day support,… Read more »