Inclusivity Fundamentals workshop – 3-4pm Wed 18th Oct

These sessions from FLIE provide an introductory exploration of key theories related to the creation of an equitable and inclusive curriculum, supplemented with practical examples. They will underscore the importance of fostering staff competence to enhance their confidence in employing inclusive teaching strategies. Additionally, the sessions will look into the significance of collaborative efforts with students in the co-creation of strategies aimed at promoting inclusivity within educational practices.

The first Inclusivity workshop will be Inclusivity Fundamentals running on Wed 18th Oct 15.00-16.00.

Sign up via the Eventbrite link below or join online on the day via our Workshops and Drop-ins page.

Inclusivity Fundamentals (race & equity perspective) 18/10/23 3-4pm An introduction to fundamental theories in developing an equitable and inclusive curriculum with some examples of practice.  

Eventbrite link


Details of further sessions can be found on the FLIE blog – Upcoming FLIE workshops on Inclusivity

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