Gaining an overview of student attendance on the Jisc LA platform

Now that we are a couple of weeks into the semester, you will start to see the attendance capture data building on the Jisc Learning Analytics system. You might find it useful to get an overview of how students on units you are teaching are engaging across their other units this semester.

Student Attendance report

You don’t need to have access to a student’s units to view how a particular student might be engaging across their other units. You can see this data from the ‘Attendance’ report under the individual student report.

  • Click on the student name from anywhere on Jisc – this will take you to their Student Overview report
  • Select the ‘Attendance’ report from the data type drop down menu

At the top of the report you can see all the sessions attended by that student across all their units. Scroll through to see the pattern of attendance.

Towards the bottom of the report you can see their other units. Listed here are the number of sessions the student has attended with a percentage of their attendance. If you don’t have teaching permissions on a unit (i.e. you don’t have the role of Teaching Team of Unit Lead on the unit in Brightspace) then you won’t be able to see the detail of the session attendance, but this report provides a good overview of the student’s attendance activity across all of their units.

Jisc student attendance report

Further information on attendance data reports

You can find further information on how to access data about student attendance, and how to use it in the context of different staff roles (e.g. programme team, personal tutor, Department or Faculty leadership) in our guidance:

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