Academics with expertise in national identity

Dr Keith Parry

Dr Keith D. Parry

Deputy Head of Department in Department of Sport and Event Management

Areas of expertise

Keith’s research is focussed around sport and identity, health, and the spectator experience. He has examined issues around topics such as racism, national identity, masculinity, and the conflicts between country and culture. This research has provided him with a deep insight into both the sociology of sport and cultural identity more broadly, particularly through his… Read more »

Sam Goodman

Dr Sam Goodman

Associate Professor and Deputy Head of Department in Humanities and Law

Areas of expertise

Sam’s research interests include identity, Britishness/Englishness (especially in relation to Brexit), the British Empire, and literature and culture in various forms from 1945-present. He has extensive expertise in medical humanities, particularly on the relationship between alcohol, health and medicine within historical and contemporary drinking cultures. Sam also has research interests in popular cultures, ranging from… Read more »