Dr Andrew Mayers

Principal Academic in Psychology

Areas of expertise

Andrew is a psychologist, specialising in mental health and particularly perinatal mental illness, such as postnatal depression. Professionally, he works with the Dorset Police Mental Health Street Triage and he also provides mental health education for health professionals and helps train police officers. He is an active mental health campaigner, pressing for better services and… Read more »

Professor Amanda H. Korstjens

Professor of Behavioural Ecology

Areas of expertise

Amanda investigates the relationship between the environment, climate, human land use, and the behaviour and survival of primates and Sumatran elephants. She leads LEAP: Landscape Ecology and Primatology at BU, which investigates forest ecosystems and compares data to see how different circumstances are affecting primate densities and behaviours. Amanda has experience with both national and… Read more »

Dr Julie Kirkby

Principal Academic in Psychology

Areas of expertise

Julie is a psychologist in the field of developmental and cognitive psychology. Her research focuses on children’s reading development and dyslexia. Together with her research group, she is working on how static and mobile eye-trackers can be used to measure reading in real-world settings. Julie is also a member of the Experimental Psychology Society, and… Read more »

Professor Zulfiqar A. Khan

Professor of Design, Engineering & Computing

Areas of expertise

Zulfiqar is a mechanical engineer whose research interests focus on multidisciplinary approaches to provide sustainable design solutions for complex interacting systems and machine including developing novel nano-coatings for tribology applications, corrosion condition monitoring techniques, efficient modelling and numerical simulation methods. He has expertise in nano-fluids and thermodynamics for renewable energy applications, particularly in nano enhanced thermofluids and… Read more »

Ian Hanson

Visiting Research Fellow and Deputy Director of Forensic Science for Archaeology and Anthropology at the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP)

Areas of expertise

Ian has supervised and directed numerous forensic excavations across the Middle East and the Balkans. In addition he has undertaken human rights and forensic investigations for the international agencies in the Balkans, Iraq, Cyprus and Africa. Over the past decade he has designed, directed and managed training courses for forensic science scene investigation. He also… Read more »

Dr Luciana Esteves

Associate Professor in Physical Geography

Areas of expertise

Luciana’s research interests are related to environmental change in coastal areas driven by natural and human-induced process and the implications for coastal management. In particular, she is interested in how climate change will affect the frequency and intensity of extreme events and the implications to coastal flooding and erosion hazards, risks and vulnerability. Luciana works… Read more »

Professor Genoveva Esteban

Professor of Microbial Ecology

Areas of expertise

Genoveva pursues strategic research in biodiversity at the microbial level. She leads a programme that aims to link science with conservation through research on `cryptic’ biodiversity in freshwater ecosystems. Her team also investigates the rare aquatic microbial consortia that thrive in wet woodlands, some being new species to science. Her applied research includes pest aquatic… Read more »

Dr Bryce Dyer

Associate Professor and Deputy Head Of Department Design and Engineering

Areas of expertise

Bryce’s current research interest is with the philosophy, design and performance analysis of technology used in elite sport. He is also an experienced designer of products ranging from air filtration equipment and clothing to prosthetic limbs used by athletes who have competed at the Paralympic Games. He is passionate about community engagement in design and… Read more »

Professor Timothy Darvill OBE

Professor of Archaeology

Areas of expertise

As a European prehistorian, Tim is best known for his publications on prehistoric Britain, archaeological excavations in Britain, and studies of the way that archaeological sites are managed. He is one of the leading authorities on Stonehenge and led an excavation inside the circles. He is currently focusing his attention on the origins and meaning… Read more »

Dr Terri Cole

Principal Academic in Forensic Psychology

Areas of expertise

Terri has conducted research predominantly into offering criminal and offender profiling. She is particularly interested in how psychologists can pragmatically work with police officers to assist investigations. She has recently co-authored a book entitled Forensic psychology – theory, research, policy and practice.