Dr Terri Cole

Principal Academic in Forensic Psychology

Areas of expertise

Terri has conducted research predominantly into offering criminal and offender profiling. She is particularly interested in how psychologists can pragmatically work with police officers to assist investigations. She has recently co-authored a book entitled Forensic psychology – theory, research, policy and practice.

Paul Cheetham

Senior Lecturer in Archaeological Science

Areas of expertise

Paul is the Programme Leader for BU’s MSc Forensic Archaeology, as well as co-director of BU’s Durotriges excavation project, researching the transition of Iron Age to Roman Britain. He has performed archaeological geophysical survey excavation on many important World Heritage-listed archaeological sites, including Stonehenge and Pompeii. He has assisted the UK police in over 40… Read more »

Professor Matthew Bennett

Professor of Environmental & Geographical Sciences

Areas of expertise

Matthew is a sedimentologist and geomorphologist specialising in how landscapes change due to environmental processes and human intervention. He is currently Head of the Institute for Landscape and Human Evolution at Bournemouth University. He is known for his work on human footprints and the translation of this work into forensic practice. Due to the various management roles he… Read more »

Professor Sarah Bate

Professor in Psychology

Areas of expertise

Sarah’s research concentrates on facial recognition, with a particular focus on ‘face blindness’ (prosopagnosia), a condition where individuals have severe difficulties in face recognition. She is currently developing new diagnostic techniques and rehabilitative programmes that can assist adults and children with the condition. In addition she is interested in superior face recognition skills, and is working with… Read more »

Dr Demetra Andreou

Principal Academic in Environmental Science

Areas of expertise

Demetra is an evolutionary ecologist whose research focuses on parasites, particularly host-parasite interactions at the behavioural and epidemiological level. She is a specialist in the impact of non-native parasites on native biodiversity and the effects of disease on biodiversity. She has been interviewed in the Sunday Times about Rosette Agent, an invasive fish parasite which… Read more »

Professor Tiantian Zhang

Professor and Deputy Dean Research and Professional Practice in the Faculty of Science and Technology

Areas of expertise

Tiantian is an internationally recognised leader in the field of cryopreservation of gametes and embryos of fish species. Her main research interests are in the preservation of reproductive cells and the effect of cryopreservation on genome integrity and cellular metabolism. Tiantian has also been actively involved with the Athena SWAN initiative, which promotes gender equality in universities,… Read more »