Dr Jan Wiener

Associate Professor in Psychology

Areas of expertise

Jan is a cognitive psychologist whose research focuses primarily on orientation and navigation behaviour. He is interested in the effects that cognitive ageing has on our wayfinding abilities. In his investigations he makes use of different methods such as behavioural navigation experiments, virtual reality techniques, eye-tracking, and cognitive modelling.

Professor Kate Welham

Professor of Archaeological Sciences

Areas of expertise

Kate’s primary research focus is the application of remote sensing techniques in an archaeological context and she is also an experienced archaeological surveyor. Kate has directed a number of recent archaeological surveys on both prehistoric and historic landscapes in the UK and abroad, including Stonehenge, Easter Island and Tanzania. She has also launched the Google… Read more »

Dr Ben Thomas

Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Design

Areas of expertise

Ben is active in the field of sustainable design research and engineering, particularly in tribology. His work on sustainable design for lifeboat slipways has been implemented at RNLI locations throughout the country. In addition he has developed a series of small scale research projects in collaboration with Oviedo University in Spain to investigate the material… Read more »

Dr John Stewart

Senior Lecturer in Palaeoecology & Environmental Change

Areas of expertise

John studies environmental change and the effects of climate and ecological change on the evolution of organisms, including humans. He has broad research interests in understanding the nature, timing and location of ice age species’ distributions and works with ancient DNA scientists looking at how organisms respond to past climate and environmental change. He has… Read more »

Dr Martin J Smith

Senior Lecturer in Forensic Anthropology

Areas of expertise

Martin is a biological anthropologist whose focus is prehistoric populations. His past work has covered a range of periods, particularly the Neolithic. His interests centre principally on areas of taphonomy and trauma with relevance to both forensic and archaeological remains which reflects his study of conflict, from prehistoric to modern times. His main focus of… Read more »

Professor Holger Schutkowski

Professor of Bioarchaeology

Areas of expertise

Holger’s expertise and research experience lies in bioarchaeology including human skeletal remains in both archaeological and forensic contexts, diseases of the past, and biological/forensic identification of human remains. He also has an interest in how humans interact with their environments and what consequences this had in the past and has today, the differences in childhood… Read more »

Dr Miles Russell

Programme Leader in Archaeology

Areas of expertise

Miles has worked on archaeological projects across the UK, as well as in Germany, Sicily and Russia. He is co-director of BU’s Archaeological Field School and also the Durotriges Project and REGNVM, both investigating the transition from the Iron Age to Roman period in Southern Britain. He an expert in all things Roman and Iron… Read more »

Dr Sally Reynolds

Deputy Head of the Institute of Studies for Landscape and Human Evolution

Areas of expertise

Sally is a mammalian palaeontologist who works on African Plio-Pleistocene fauna of the period from three million years to around 10,000 years ago. She has undertaken research in palaeontology around the world and has a particular interest in how landscapes, guild structure and the individual biology of species interact to create patterns of adaptation, range… Read more »

Adrian Pinder

Director of Bournemouth University Global Environmental Solutions (BUG)

Areas of expertise

Adrian is an environmental consultant specialising in water resource management, fisheries and impact assessment. He has knowledge of water resources in Europe, as well as a particular interest in Indian freshwater resources. His key species of expertise in terms of fish are lamprey, shad, salmon, eel and mahseer. Adrian has also consulted on many large… Read more »

David Parham

Associate Professor in Maritime Archaeology

Areas of expertise

Dave is an experienced archaeologist, diver and diving supervisor who has directed maritime archaeological projects that range from the Bronze Age to the Second World War. He has worked extensively throughout the British Isles as well as the Baltic, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea. His research interests focus on the archaeology of seafaring and… Read more »