Writing Space – Talbot and Lansdowne

Writing Space – Talbot and Lansdowne Image from Writing can be difficult and lonely at times. Getting out and away from your usual distractions can help boost your productivity. Sometimes, it’s nice to write amongst a group of other like-minded colleagues, working quietly together and gently encouraging each other to soldier on. The following… Read more »

BiNE – Biosciences in Nurse Education

Biosciences in Nurse Education (BiNE) Autumn meeting 12th September 2016, Faculty of Health, Education and Life Sciences, Birmingham City University I recently joined the BiNE Group and attended what turned out to be a stimulating and fascinating autumn meeting at Birmingham City University. In attendance from higher education institutions across the UK was a mix of… Read more »

Start of year AV glitch? – emergency number for first few weeks x61010

======Colleagues, please see below the very helpful information from IT services======= For the start of the last Academic year the Service Desk provided an emergency number for use by Academics in the event of experiencing difficulties in use of the AV equipment. This was as a result of the AV Refresh which saw a considerable… Read more »

Preparing myBU for AY 16-17 – countdown to the start of term

Before academics can start preparing their units in myBU, the units must first be Published (created in myBU) and the staff responsible for the delivery of the unit must be Assigned (attached to the unit). This preliminary stage takes place in the VIS (VLE Information System) and needs to be carried out by staff with knowledge of which units… Read more »

Let’s talk about anonymisation

Today’s Tale from the field is about anonymisation. Contrary to other items in the researcher’s toolkit, such as scale development or thematic analysis, this is an often neglected point that, for some graduate students, only becomes an issue at the point of publication/reporting. I have been reflecting about this topic lately, given that visual data… Read more »

‘The scholarship of learning, teaching and organizing in higher education’

Colleagues, A fantastic resource!   We’ve put together a virtual special issue, guest edited by Paul Ashwin and Didi Griffioen, consisting of a selection of articles related to ‘The scholarship of learning, teaching and organizing in higher education’ which is the central theme of the Higher Education Conference 2016.   Articles include:   The use… Read more »