Preparing myBU for AY 16-17 – countdown to the start of term

Before academics can start preparing their units in myBU, the units must first be Published (created in myBU) and the staff responsible for the delivery of the unit must be Assigned (attached to the unit). This preliminary stage takes place in the VIS (VLE Information System) and needs to be carried out by staff with knowledge of which units are being taught and who is teaching them.   Faculties have been invited to send the names of their nominees by 10 August to

Countdown to the start of term – key dates for myBU

By Wednesday 10 August
Faculty staff nominated for unit publishing/staff assignment work.

From Wednesday 10 August – Friday 26 August
Learning technologists train and work with Faculty nominees to assign and publish.
As soon as units are published during this period, academics can populate the units with copied content.

From Monday 15 August – Friday 16 September, Academics will be preparing their units, including copying content where appropriate.

9 September is the deadline to have initial content ready for continuation students, who will see content in their new units 14 days in advance of start of term (i.e. visible from 12 September  2016).

16 September is the deadline for initial content to be in place for new students in Induction Week (i.e. visible from 19 September 2016) .

 Available Support

The resources below provide important background information

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