Emerging Technologies – Events

Abraham Drassinower “Technological Neutrality in Copyright” June 30, 2021 - Online research seminar - Wednesday 30 June 2021
Ana Santos Rutschman “The IP of COVID-19” May 19, 2021 - Online public lecture - Wednesday 19 May, 17:00
Richard Arnold “Standard Essential Patents, FRAND and Mandatory Global Arbitration” April 21, 2021 - Online Public Lecture - Wednesday 21 April
Niva Elkin-Koren “Contesting Algorithms: restoring the public interest in AI Content Filters” March 17, 2021 - Online Public Lecture - Wednesday 17 March, 17:00
Richard Arnold – Standard Essential Patents and FRAND licensing April 2, 2020 - ***THE EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED***
Ana Rutschman – Vaccines as Technology December 11, 2019 - Research Seminar - Wednesday 11 December 2019
Arno Lodder – Regulation of algorithms: towards a taxonomy based on threats May 28, 2019 - Research seminar - Wednesday 3 July 16.00
Going for Gold: 3D Printing, Jewellery and the Future of Intellectual Property Law March 24, 2017 - Date: Friday 24 March 2017 Time: 10 am – 5pm Venue: EB708, Executive Business Centre, Bournemouth University Registration for the event is now closed. Additive Manufacturing or 3D printing as it is more commonly known, continues to push the boundaries of Intellectual Property (IP) law whilst raising questions relating to the protection and exploitation of... Read more »
Maurizio Borghi on “Legal regulation of search engines” January 28, 2015 - Faculty seminar of Maurizio Borghi “Legal regulation of research engines: the end of the “consent architecture”?” Wednesday 28 January 2015, 1:00pm, Room PG22 The seminar will address search engine liability in the context of EU law and jurisprudence (e.g. Innoweb and the recent Ryanair case). It concludes that the European legislative framework is severely restricting... Read more »
Review – 3D Printing: A Selection of Stakeholder Perspectives November 7, 2014 - Friday 7th November 2014, Executive Business Centre, Bournemouth University As part of the Economic and Social Research Council’s Festival of Social Science 2014, the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy and Management, Bournemouth University, brought together experts in a variety of fields to kick-start a new debate about the intellectual property implications of 3D printing. Introducing the event, Sally... Read more »
3D Printing: A Selection of Stakeholder Perspectives September 21, 2014 - Symposium 2014
BU’s Festival of Learning showcases CIPPM’s research into 3D Printing and IP Law July 18, 2014 - On Monday 9 June, Dr. Dinusha Mendis CIPPM’s Co-Director, hosted an event on ‘3D Printing: Understanding the Technology and Law’ at Bournemouth University’s Festival of Learning in collaboration with the Media School and School of Science and Technology. The event which was held from 5-7 pm on 9th June 2014 included three short presentations and a tour of the 3D printing facilities... Read more »
3D Printing: Understanding the Technology and Law May 20, 2014 - Dr. Dinusha Mendis, Co-Director of the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy and Management (CIPPM) will host an event on the technological and legal implications of 3D Printing as part of Bournemouth University’s Festival of Learning 2014.  The event will take place on Monday 9 June. The event will define the technological challenges and opportunities which... Read more »
Peter Jaszi (American University) The advantages of a flexible or ‘open-ended’ approach to copyright limitations and exceptions May 1, 2014 - Spring lectures series Thursday 1 May 2014 6pm Executive Business Centre (EB206), Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth BH8 8EB
Seminar of Maurizio Borghi: Freedom of information and copyright law in the age of mass digitization October 29, 2013 - On Tuesday 29 October CIPPM Director Maurizio Borghi gave a seminar on “Freedom of information and copyright law in the age of mass digitization”. The seminar discussed the legal and policy implications of mass digitization, namely the conversion of copyright works in digital format on an industrial scale to form part of digital libraries and... Read more »
CIPPM/BU Law hosts 8th GikII Conference September 17, 2013 - The Centre for Intellectual Property Policy and Management (CIPPM) together with the Law Department was delighted to host the 8th GikII Conference which was held on 16-17 September 2013. The conference was chaired by Dr. Dinusha Mendis, Co-Director CIPPM and Professor Lilian Edwards, Deputy Director CREATe, University of Glasgow and Professor of Internet Law at University of Strathclyde. The conference has... Read more »