Arno Lodder – Regulation of algorithms: towards a taxonomy based on threats

Research seminar – Wednesday 3 July 2019, 16.00 – room W416

Algorithms are an integral part of our digital society. The ever growing availability of data in combination with incredible computing power led to today’s success of algorithms. There is, however, also reason for cautiousness and concern. Given what algorithms can and might do, we as a society in general, and lawyers in particular, have a responsibility to decide how we want to shape the world we live in. What algorithms we do allow and what not, and in case we allow algorithms, under what conditions?

A taxonomy based on threats can be used to identify if and how particular algorithms or algorithms in specific areas of application should be regulated, ranging from:

• Prohibition;

• Severe warranties;

• Little or no precautionary measures.


Arno R. Lodder is a professor of Internet Governance and Regulation at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Of Counsel SOLV lawyers. He is visiting research fellows at CIPPM / Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, Summer 2019.