3D Printing: Understanding the Technology and Law

Dr. Dinusha Mendis, Co-Director of the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy and Management (CIPPM) will host an event on the technological and legal implications of 3D Printing as part of Bournemouth University’s Festival of Learning 2014.  The event will take place on Monday 9 June.

The event will define the technological challenges and opportunities which 3D printing provides.  How easy is it to actually print a product using a 3D printer?  What are the technological barriers at present?  The exploration of the technology will be followed by a consideration of the intellectual property implications which 3D printing entails.  If low-cost 3D printers allow people to print products such as toys, cosmetics and hobby items at home, what does this mean for intellectual property law?

To answer these questions, Dr. Mendis will be joined by colleagues from the School of Design, Engineering and Computing  and Media School at Bournemouth University.

The event will be brought to an end with a tour of the 3D printing facilities at Bournemouth University which will give attendees an opportunity to see 3D printers at work.