Noam Shemtov – Cohabitation or collision: the challenge to patent law of AI activity in invention-making processes

Public Lecture

Thursday 5 March 2020, 18:00, Room EB 306

The emergence and of AI technology and the fast pace advancements in the science surrounding this area challenge various legal frameworks that, at present, constitute the legal landscape on which we rely. This is particularly so in the area of intellectual property law, and more specifically, our patent law regime. This public lecture will address the challenges posed by the use of AI technology in invention-making processes in relation to three aspects of our patent law regime: (1) Inventorship/Ownership; (2) inventive step and the concept of the ‘skilled person’; (3) the requirement of sufficiency of disclosure. It will seek to bring much needed clarity into this filed, while assessing the suitability of our present regime to such challenges.

Dr Noam Shemtov is Reader in Intellectual Property and Technology Law at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London.

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