Making a Magazine Mid-Pandemic

First-year Multimedia Journalism students were tasked to create a magazine for our Features and Online class this semester. The assignment was already quite large and daunting but Covid-19 has taken it to an entire different level. We had two magazines that was led by Emily Keogh and myself, Hussein Malek, as the Editor in Chiefs… Read more »

Seven Months In: Reflection of First Semester

It has been seven months since starting my undergraduate life at Bournemouth University. Upon arrival and unlocking the door to my room, I was unable to contain my excitement for the new life I was beginning. And it has been the busiest, life-fulfilling, and opportunity giving experience thus far. BA Hons Multimedia Journalism is not… Read more »

Beyond the Beach: Why I Chose Bournemouth University

It was December 2018 and my UCAS applications were fast approaching. I was 17 years old passing through the stressful senior life of high school. But I was not going to let the troubles I faced then to have a consequence of my future now.   A few years prior, my sisters began their path of university to… Read more »