My placements in Journalism

Placements was the greatest opportunity and requirement that I had to uptake during my time at university. Even though my course, BA Hons Multimedia Journalism, requires me to do a placement it is an element that is detrimental to the overall experience of learning Journalism. Journalism is done best when it is applied and gaining… Read more » about My placements in Journalism

In 2022 I am looking forward to…

As we begin the new year, I have an alternative version of a new years resolution in mind. After years of attempting to set a goal at the start and failing to achieve it, I have instead set a view of what this year is going to look like. Seeing the final destination to where… Read more » about In 2022 I am looking forward to…

My Student Ambassador Experience

It was the summer before my first year of university in 2019, I received an email on a job position about becoming a student ambassador. It was intriguing and it was exciting to get an opportunity to work, so I decided to apply. Now, three years on I create blog and vlog content, answer questions… Read more » about My Student Ambassador Experience

Three things to focus for the month of deadlines

May is upon us and to most of us this will be a time filled with deadlines and dissertations, exams and preparations. If you are anything like me, I have to battle the stress that comes with it all.  Personally, I am seeing three deadlines and four exams and even the thought of it has… Read more » about Three things to focus for the month of deadlines

Steps in Friendship Communications

One of the largest privilege we have during lockdown are the resources to stay connected with our loved ones regardless of distance. Friendships are a key aspect in staying afloat during our young lives of experiencing independence. This is especially true for international students due to starting fresh in a place where everything is new…. Read more » about Steps in Friendship Communications

Nerve Radio: An outlook from the Head of Evenings

“…And we’re live! Hello everyone this is Hussein, your host for New Music Monday!” If you have ever tuned in to nerve radio between 5-6pm on Monday’s you will probably hear me say this to introduce my show. Nerve radio and Nerve Media has been a strong, staple presence in SUBU.  A society where the… Read more » about Nerve Radio: An outlook from the Head of Evenings

My involvement with Fresher Publishing Press

Fresher Publishing is a small publishing press, established at Bournemouth University, nurturing talent of the future and supporting writers from across Dorset and beyond. The team is made up of staff, students and a supportive executive board which includes publishing consultant Ed Peppitt, Picador Editor Ansa Khan Khattak and literary agent Sophie Scard. The Bournemouth… Read more » about My involvement with Fresher Publishing Press

Journalism Under Lockdown: Second Semester

A few months ago, the world was met with the unfortunate events of the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus has rooted itself within our daily lives and has shifted the way institutions worldwide has run. Bournemouth University has worked hard to accommodate and attend the needs of ensuring the remainder of everyone’s academic year meets the… Read more » about Journalism Under Lockdown: Second Semester

Bournemouth University Multimedia Journalism Newsdays

What Multimedia Journalism news days are really like

One of the most stressful yet rewarding parts of the BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism degree at Bournemouth University is news days. The format and intensity change every year but they give the best insight into what it will be like to work in a real newsroom environment in the future. During the news days, students… Read more » about What Multimedia Journalism news days are really like