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LGBT Pride Month is here and runs all throughout the month of June. A month to shed light onto the community and all the challenges, progression, icons, and history of the community. However in the earlier days May, SUBU and the part-time officers for the LGBTQ+ community work together to create BU’s pride event. A full day to represent and showcase the community, with stalls and activities dedicated to LGBT representation.

The day itself started off with a group of people going around and doing a march for the LGBT community, while SUBU was getting the final touch up decorations of flags representing various identities and orientations and while stalls were preparing for the day. The faith and reflection team and SUBU advice team were present as students were walking about. A station for glitter tattoos, a board with ‘What does pride mean to you?’ and a place to create your own pronoun badges were also set up.

LGB+ and Trans & Non Binary Officers: Jodie and Leon

Additionally, the day was also packed with performances hosted by Nerve Radio. From lectures of LGBTQ+ history and improv society performances, to radio presenters and drag kings and queens, the stage was filled with funny, emotional, and important performances. 

The day was colourful and bright, it was a warming space and everyone around was able to enjoy their time and have a safe space to be seen and to be represented. Moreover, as part of Nerve Radio it was very interesting and enjoyable to work alongside the performers. 

Hayley who works at SUBU and organised the event shared, “It was great to see the fun and love that Student Pride brought to the Student Centre. After we couldn’t celebrate in person for a few years. I’m so grateful to everyone who came along, performed or had a stall to make the day what it was and I can’t wait to see it grow next year!”

SUBU’s part time campaign officer for the LGB+ and Trans & Non-Binary Officer were also major characters of the community which was part of the organising team.

LGB+ officer, Jodie, said, “As my first experience of a pride celebration it’s one I will always cherish! The stalls and performances were mind blowing! All in all it was a fabulous day.”

Lastly the Trans & Non-Binary Officer, Leon, shared, “I felt kind of relieved and free, Covid almost like being forced back into the closet, losing those queer spaces so many people rely on. So, getting to see the SU full of queer people being themselves again was like a release and a true sign of freedom of expression.”

The event itself was a major success, those in the community were able to have their time and those who are allies to the community were able to come and support.

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