A first class summer

Summer 2018 has undoubtedly gone down on record for the UK, and isn’t one that will be forgotten any time soon. The chart-busting heatwave gave Portugal a run for its money, all while the nation came together to cheer on our men and their unlikely, semi-final World Cup journey. Even when football didn’t come home,… Read more »

How to land your dream grad job

It’s summer, you’ve got your results, and now you need to find a graduate job! This can be a really exciting time for anyone who is looking to kickstart their career and fully-immerse into their industry pretty much asap. After a month of job searching, I was so happy to land a grad job at… Read more »

Studying for a degree – is it enough?

Every year, thousands of students just like you and I decide to go to university and, more often than not, our decision to do so is based around wanting to increase our job prospects and widen our employment opportunities. While this is great it also means every year there are thousands of students like you… Read more »

My Graduation Day

Olivia Elkins, BA (Hons) Business and Management (Top-up) graduate gives her take on the big day… It’s strange to think that the place I first learnt to swim at the age of four would become the very building where I’d take my first steps as a BU graduate. I started my day by collecting my gown… Read more »