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Upon arrival of my first year, I was very interested in looking at all the services that are provided by the university. Especially the faith clubs, societies and services available. Bournemouth University has a range of faith groups for students of varying practices to attach themselves to.

The faith and reflection team and its services are great for students to connect with. It is a wonderful asset to find the community that you are comfortable with.

Tucked away in the second floor of Talbot House on Talbot campus, live the rooms of the multi-faith centre. Past the music corridor on your right hosts a warm, quiet, and inviting area for students to come and reconnect with their faith. This includes a quiet room, and Islamic prayer rooms for males and females, and a range of books and religious based texts. This space is also used by Faith societies that can be signed up through SUBU.

SUBU Societies offer a wide range such as the Christian Union, Catholic Society, Islamic Society and more.

The faith and reflection rooms are often a little hidden but it is a great place to find in the case you wish to reconnect, rekindle, or begin your journey to your respective faiths.

The chaplains and faith team has a group of advisors to support students and staff from all faiths. Its goal is to allow a safe space for people to come and reflect and have a time away from the busyness of life. 

The faith and reflection team also hosts weekly Global Cafe events for international students to come and interact with one another. Students are able to enjoy free drinks and cookies while interacting with other students in open conversations. 

Overall, finding a community when you are starting off can be quite difficult. Especially for international students integrating into a new society. The university is the best outlet to find the community where you can feel belong.

For more information and contact details of the faith and reflection team you can click the link here. 

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