Hi. Starting uni for the first time can feel a bit daunting. Here’s my advice on ways to tackle homesickness and the support available from BU 🙂
Hiya, This is a very bittersweet post as it’s my last ever! It might not be my last posted to this page as I’m not sure when I’m uploading this, but as of writing, this will be my last post 🙁 So as a last post I thought I would do a recap of my... Read more »
Hey everyone 👋 Here are my 5 top things I wish I knew before coming to uni. Hope they are helpful and thank you for watching!
Hiya Having just finished my third and final year here at Bournemouth University, I thought it was only fair for me to wrap this year up with a third a final places to visit video. I think this is my most packed one yet, get ready for a list of about 20 new places for... Read more »
Here are my tips and tricks for the 1st year of uni (living in halls specifically)! Hope you enjoy!
Making friends at uni
Here’s some advice from me about some of the ways you can make friends when you start uni.
Hiya guys, Today I thought I’d throw it right back to 2013 where YouTube was a wholesome place full of daily routines, hauls and what’s in my bag videos. So today I thought I’d give you guys a video all on what I take to university as a final year BA (Hons) Television Production student.... Read more »
Join BU student vlogger Kage as she’s looks back on her move-in day – from leaving home to getting settled in her new home from home – Bailey Point.
Hiya. I didn’t go home for the summer break so watch my latest vlog to see what I get up to on a typical day outside of term time. I hope it gives you an idea of what a day as a uni student looks like when we are not in lectures! Bye for now.
Here’s a montage of my friends and I making our final film of our first year as part of our BA (Hons) TV Production course.
How to pack for uni
Hi 👋 I’ve finished my first year and I can still remember uni move-in day! In this vlog, I’ll share my top tips for how to pack for uni. Space is limited so the main thing is to think about the essentials and go from there. Hope this helps 🙂  
Hiya, In this weeks post I thought I’d show you what i get up to in the evenings. I’m part of a few clubs so on a Wednesday night I host a radio show with one of my friends and then straight after I have a pole fitness class so I’m very busy. I thought... Read more »