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BA Hons Multimedia Journalism

Placements was the greatest opportunity and requirement that I had to uptake during my time at university. Even though my course, BA Hons Multimedia Journalism, requires me to do a placement it is an element that is detrimental to the overall experience of learning Journalism. Journalism is done best when it is applied and gaining as much work experience to build a portfolio. However, being able to find, secure, and work towards getting a placements and doing it are truly a significant achievement to my university experience. 

I was able to do two different types of placements. The first is an online news feature placements with Tinig UK that writes stories about the Filipino community in the UK. This placement was a brilliant way for me to step into a niche population, being able to interact with the Filipino community and hosting interviews have opened a new avenue of perspectives for myself. I was able to hold conversations about the issues facing the community while interacting with people that have made major strides within their industries. Overall, Tinig UK was able to give me a range of practice in traditional journalistic practice. From researching and pitching, interviewing and writing, and overall production of work all while interacting with my supervisors. It refined a lot of my skills both editorially and technically, and allowed me to build on my independent organisation skills. 

The second placement I had the privilege to be a part of and have felt really proud for securing is working with Lincs FM Radio station under Bauer Media Group. This placements was difficult to secure, however after the interview process and being accepted as a mentee I was provided the work experience opportunity. I was tasked to ensure I did a minimum of two weeks of radio news with them. Broadcast Journalism is what I am keen on doing for my future, therefore being able to step into the industry gave me a plethora of learning experiences. Unfortunately it was a placement spent online but I was still able to learn the same skills of writing, editing, interviewing and being part of the editorial group. It showed me new ways and styles of how radio and broadcasting works for that specific station. Moreover, being able to take ownership on the scripts that is aired out across Lincolnshire is truly a rush in itself.

Placements overall, gave me a taste of the ‘real’ world or industry world. It teaches professionalism and work skills, and further built my work experience portfolio. It is a fun adventure that I think is a great asset to anyone’s university experience. And lastly it is an experience that gives me comfort for what is to come after university and allows me to see where I am wanting to be in the future.

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