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BA Hons Multimedia Journalism

As we begin the new year, I have an alternative version of a new years resolution in mind. After years of attempting to set a goal at the start and failing to achieve it, I have instead set a view of what this year is going to look like. Seeing the final destination to where I wish to go and keep that in mind through the endeavours I take. 

Currently, my main task is looking forward to graduating. From this time till then, I want to build myself up as much as I can before starting the next chapter of my life. I am looking forward to building my career portfolio, my CV, and grab every opportunity available. The best chance that I have with this is to utilise the positions that I am in right now and use the services and resources available to me. 

I am a final year student, a student ambassador, the station manager of Nerve Radio, working on a placement with a non-profit news organisation, and a member of a radio mentorship scheme. These roles and opportunities I have brought forth into this new year will greatly benefit this year’s outcome.

Having these outlets to work with SUBU, with the university, and the staff of my degree, I am able to churn out a lot of content to better my CV. By creating content and working in a range of areas I can build a multimedia portfolio ready for future prospect employers. 

The societies I am involved in are also a great opportunity to have a creative mindset and expand ideas that I have. Whether it be creating events for Nerve Radio or writing for the magazine, I have the ability to take my skills to a better level. Especially through working with SUBU’s full time officers, part-time campaigns, student opportunities, and students.

In my job and my degree, I have the chance to work with people that are into their career lives. Tapping into their input, advices and contacts will help guide a clearer image towards my destination.

The careers team on campus also provide a range of volunteering opportunities that I can to look into. By doing so,  I am able to expand my experiences, learn new passions or improve the ones I have now.

The final stretch for third year can be a daunting experience for what’s to come next. Having a destination to where I want to go is setting me up for a clearer future. It’s the final pieces of my foundation before graduation.

I say take the opportunities as it has been given, try out new things, and hopefully the fun of these experience will come and make your final year the best it can be.

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