The first few days: 3 tips to settling in

Moving to university is an entire experience on its own. You have traveled the distance, you have your belongings in bags, and you have just stepped into your accommodation. Now you are here and classes have not yet begun, so you may start to feel the sense of “what now?”  I have personally met an… Read more »

What is Brightspace? A short guide

Brightspace is a tool that you will use daily as a student at BU. Personally, I find that brightspace includes a lot of useful links that help me with my studies. To access your Brightspace and find more information, you can click the link here: Brightspace’s top bar section are one of the most important… Read more »

Three things to focus for the month of deadlines

May is upon us and to most of us this will be a time filled with deadlines and dissertations, exams and preparations. If you are anything like me, I have to battle the stress that comes with it all.  Personally, I am seeing three deadlines and four exams and even the thought of it has… Read more »

The beauty of international living

I first learned the label ‘third culture kid’ when I was seventeen and I was immediately intrigued. It was nice to put a label to something unknown, especially when the conversations of “Where are you from?”  would arise. Third Culture Kid is defined as those individuals who are raised in a culture different from their… Read more »

Day in a life of a journalism student

My alarm clock rings and by 8 am I have to get up and start my day. As an international student living in the UK, this is an insight on what my life is like during lockdown. From 9 am lecturers to 5pm seminars, Nerve radio, cooking, and getting ready, this vlog captures one of… Read more »

Steps in Friendship Communications

One of the largest privilege we have during lockdown are the resources to stay connected with our loved ones regardless of distance. Friendships are a key aspect in staying afloat during our young lives of experiencing independence. This is especially true for international students due to starting fresh in a place where everything is new…. Read more »

Dear Students…

Dear students, How are you? Have you eaten, rested? Are you keeping well? I wanted to reach out to you during this time to acknowledge a few things about the current environment we are in. I too, am just another international student staying in my accommodation where my whole life resides. As much as I’m… Read more »

Nerve Radio: An outlook from the Head of Evenings

“…And we’re live! Hello everyone this is Hussein, your host for New Music Monday!” If you have ever tuned in to nerve radio between 5-6pm on Monday’s you will probably hear me say this to introduce my show. Nerve radio and Nerve Media has been a strong, staple presence in SUBU.  A society where the… Read more »

New Term, New Year: Tips to consider for what’s to come.

The first semester of BA Hons Multimedia Journalism for year two has been intense. As fun and interesting as the course is, I often felt like there is a lot going on around me. Part of that reason are due to all the other commitments I have made in my professional and personal life. As… Read more »

My first Christmas experience…

One of the best parts about international living is being able to exchange cultures and celebrations. As December progresses, we step into the time of Christmas festivities with bright lights, colourful decorations, and hot chocolates. As someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas and come from Malaysia and Saudi Arabia where Christmas is not a common celebration,… Read more »

News Days: The best part of my course so far…

Entering the second year of BA Hons Multimedia Journalism felt fast and strong. Our return was adjusted due to the current conditions but we were immediately thrown in the deep end of journalism with the task of news days. News days is what journalists lives are all about, everyday we come up with stories, plans,… Read more »

My Top 5 Tips For International Travel Student Quarantine

Whether it’s your first time arriving to Bournemouth University or returning for another year, I know all of us are keen to start the next chapter of our lives. However, the circumstances of pandemic traveling will cause some students to quarantine upon arrival. Bournemouth University is fully prepared for this and have opened accommodations to… Read more »