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BA Hons Multimedia Journalism

My parents have worked hard to ensure my sisters and I are able to attend university abroad. Growing up and moving out was what we expected. Looking back, it wasn’t until early September when the realisation struck me that I am moving away. 

At first it was excitement and joy, being able to start a whole new part of life. Then I felt strange and a little sombre. It was a lot of back and forth of emotions at the time, but mainly I felt a sense of responsibility to my parents. As their last child,  I was not going to be around to take out the trash or to find the tv remote for my dad. I wasn’t able to help my mom get items on the higher shelves or to teach her how to work the remote. Before leaving, I cleaned the house as best as I could. I rearranged some stuff about so my mom can reach things easier, and even attempted to teach her how to work the tv remote. Though I had to go be an independent adult for the first time, they too have to go back to being independent themselves

My parents flew out to the UK with us to make sure we got settled in alright, to get the first bags of groceries, and to ensure that we would have everything we needed before they left. I felt sad to say goodbye, but I know that they will probably call me in a few hours anyways. With five flight tickets outbound but only two returning, it was a big change for us as a family.

My parents are ones of few words, if anything they expressed more gladness and happiness for the fact that they have raised us to be able to stand independently. Of course, there was a shift in the house and my mother took time adjusting to a quieter home, but they were happy for what’s to come in our lives. 

That being said, to whoever is ‘leaving the nest,’ that in itself is a big step. Even if you are able to go back and visit and keep in touch online, it is still a really big step. But I promise it’s one worth taking. 

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